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Vince Reed Review (Set Up My Ads)


Vince Reed is a senior citizen, and proud of it, in the digital marketing space. Been doing it for over a decade. Placing small little ads all over the internet, making himself millions of dollars in the process. He is the founder of a done-for-you advertising agency called Set Up My Ads. Should you hire him? You’re about to find out. Let’s see if he knows his stuff. Scroll down for my Vince Reed review.

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Vince says there are eight common mistakes in online advertising. The first is simply not advertising. Sitting on the sidelines while other advertisers steal your customers. Second, and this ties into the first, is trying to drum up business by DMing people dumb questions, hoping to get a chance to pitch them your product or service. Lame. Third is spamming other people’s ads. Linking to your thing in their ad comments. Jacking their traffic. Makes you look foolish and doesn’t work.

Fourth is the “I’m cleaning my friends list” post. “Comment below or get deleted.” It’s pathetic. Played out. And you’d be better off expanding your reach, not intentionally shrinking it. If you’re truly at the max number of friends, direct them to a fanpage or another social media channel like Instagram. Fifth is posting to your timeline, “Who else wants to make $10,000 per month fast, for free, and without doing any work.” This only attracts low level people.

Sixth is not building lists. Not just email, either, but your list of organic followers, YouTube subscribers, audiences you can retarget, and so on and so forth. Value has to be the foundation. Give people a reason to follow, engage, opt-in, and ultimately buy. Seven? Not emailing, calling, or running ads to your leads. You know you need seven, eight, maybe even nine “touches” before someone feels comfortable enough to move forward with you, right? So why stop at one?


Alright, so what is the final advertising no-no internet marketers make? Vince says it’s stealing other people’s content or ideas without giving them credit. Amen. It’s illegal, unethical, and makes you look like the “me too marketer” you are. What you should be doing is communicating as authentically as you can with each piece of content you put out. Not only can you then feel good about your approach, but you can cut through the noise and give prospects a reason to pick you.

Solid stuff from a genuinely good human being. I think your money is safe with Vince Reed. To cut your lead cost in half and boost conversions, check him out at SetUpMyAds. Or, to supplement or replace paid ads altogether, check out our proven process for making, ranking, and renting small, simple websites. It’s fun, rewarding, inexpensive, low competition, repeatable, and fairly passive once it’s all setup.

I’ll put a link below with more info. Watch the videos, use the interactive calculator, and read every word on that page. By the end, you’ll have a very good idea of what we do, and how. You’ll know how much you can make with this, realistically, if you work your butt off. No hype. No gimmicks. You’re sick of that and so are we. Tap below. We’ll lay it all out and try not to annoy you. How’s that sound?

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