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The Ecom Family Academy Review


Reginald and Tania Jennings, aka Mr. and Mrs. Ecom, are the creators of The Ecom Family Academy.

A computer nerd from the time he was little, Reggie got started in ecommerce way back in 1998. Back when girls knew whether they were Team Dawson or Team Pacey, wore chokers and baggy jeans, and listened to The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC on repeat unironically. 

Yes, that far back. Floppy disks and dial-up days. Reg a true OG in the ecom game.

Him and his mom put an ad out in the newspaper: We’ll Buy Your Junk. And when they did, they listed it on eBay at a markup. As soon as the first item sold, they were hooked.

Then Reggie started dating Tania and all throughout college they ran that same play: buy low, sell high. eBay eventually got replaced by Craigslist.

For those who grew up Amish, Craigslist was this free website where you could sell your futon, post a job listing, find a roommate, hire a hooker, and score some Spliffy Stardust in one fell swoop.

After college, Reggie got a corporate job in IT. Traveled a lot. Plus arbitrage on the side meant he wasn’t really there for his family even though he was doing it all for them.

He would see ads online though. Replace your income. Have more time. More freedom. Exactly what he wanted.

So he began buying the courses and attending the seminars, joining the masterminds. He met other people who were printing money with their Shopify stores.

Way more scalable than what he had been doing all these years.

Decided to give it a try. Failed and failed and failed.

Found this 18-year-old kid crushing it with t-shirts and mugs and whatnot. Quits his job, goes and works for him. That’s where Reggie learned to believe in himself, to make decisions based on data instead of emotion or a wild hunch, to run tests, to make incremental improvements based off the numbers.

Reggie was soaking it all up but also contributing.

This kid’s print on demand business popped louder than a can of Pillsbury Biscuits on a Sunday morning. Cue $500k a month in sales.


After six months of basically being an intern, Reggie’s like, okay, I got this. Leaves. He and Tania launch their own POD biz.

Didn’t exactly go according to plan. The first three months they were negative $60 grand.

Falling behind on the mortgage, not sure if they would lose their house. There was probably a good three-week stretch where Reggie couldn’t get outta bed. The stress was making him physically ill, depressed. He felt like he’d failed his kids.

They needed to come together as a family and figure this out. Reggie and Tania began cleaning offices at night so they could keep a roof over their head and have food on the table, and maybe even have a little left over for ads.

The business wouldn’t budge though.

At the end of his rope, Reggie maxes out his credit card to hire one last mentor. This other dude, down in Florida, killing it with print on demand. He teaches Reggie how to conduct research, spot trends and pounce on ’em before everyone else.

Inch by inch they were finally making some progress.

And then, once you get it, you get it, right?

A year later they had made their first $1 million dollars online.

Not because of some flashy new TikTok strategy or targeting hack for Facebook ads or secret supplier no one else knows about. But because they were relentless and coachable and refused to quit.

So that’s the genesis of The Ecom Family.

Their Academy coaching program is for you if you’re cut from that same cloth.

Cost is $1,495.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.