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Likeable Agent Review (John Reh)

Realtor Leads YouTube Ads

John Reh is The Likeable Real Estate Agent. Although, these days, he’s more focused on leads than homes. But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

John’s telling ya, when it comes to real estate lead generation, YouTube ads pummel Facebook ads every single time.

So if you want the highest quality buyer and seller leads on the face of the planet, listen up.

John’s reeled in over 15,000 premium leads – in the last 12 months, alone – thanks to YouTube ads.

It’s been so effective, they were able to turn off all their Facebook ads, their Google PPC ads, their Zillow ads, IDX, and everything else.

John’s helped agents no different than you, from every corner of the U.S., to make millions in commissions by leveraging laser-targeted YouTube ads.

He demos the YouTube ads dashboard.

The first thing he shows is a complete game-changer: you can actually target people by income. This is how you find buyers with money and sellers with nice homes, right?

Another cool thing? Under Placements, you can have your ads play in front of specific videos or channels. Imagine sticking your ad in front of a popular video like: How To Sell Your House Fast (Under 5 Days!). Think the people watching that video might be interested in selling their house? You betcha.

You can also target folks who Google (who owns YouTube) knows are interested in certain topics. Or, even better, people who’ve Googled certain keywords (such as “first time home buyer” or “real estate agent near me”).

In terms of location, then, you can filter by city or zip code or you can enter in an address and say you only want people within an X-mile radius to see the ad. It lets you get as granular as 1 mile. Facebook’s minimum is a 15-mile radius. Yet another reason John prefers YT over FB.

What else? There’s something called Audience Segments. This is where you can tick a box that says Homeowners, for example, so you know your ads are only gonna be shown to people who do, in fact, own a home.

John Rey With Dog

Going through and layering in these different parameters is a very powerful way to market to a large group of people while ensuring they have true intent.

So yeah, assuming you’re a serious agent and you’re jonesing for more high-quality leads? YouTube ads is definitely where it’s at, John says.

The numbers don’t lie:

  • 98% of YouTube leads provide genuine names and phone numbers.
  • 72% of ’em will proactively reach out to you before you even lift a finger.
  • Nearly half of ’em are eager to take action within the next three months.

So it’s no wonder:

  • 76% of Likeable Agent partners secure an active deal within 30 days of joining.
  • While an astounding 97% achieve this within 90 days.
  • (The remaining 3% fail to capitalize on the leads they received.)

“Month after month,” John says, “our average agent partner enjoys a reliable and predictable 500% return on investment. It may not be miraculous, but it surpasses anything our partners have ever experienced trying to do this on their own.”

Oh, and John brought receipts.

He’s got a big, bloated page full of case studies, video testimonials, and glowing reviews from real estate agents he’s worked with.

For instance, there’s Adam, who’s been on board for a coupla years now, who estimates he’s gotten 75-80 listings during that time. More important, these people are engaged and ready to rock and roll. “You’re not gonna get any better leads than this,” he says.

No mention of cost, but John’s 6 Figure Agent System seems like a bona fide, no-frills, real deal solution for agents who wanna scale.

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