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Reliable Education Review (Adam Hudson)


Adam Hudson wants you to imagine making just one U.S. dollar in your sleep, not just tonight but tomorrow night and every night for the rest of your life. And what if you could scale that up, selling physical products on the world’s largest retailer, Amazon.com? “All you have to do is source a product, ship it to Amazon, and they’ll do the rest,” he says. Hmm. Is it really that easy? Scroll down for my Reliable Education review.

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Partnering with Amazon means you do not have to build a website. You don’t have to warehouse anything. No trips to the post office to ship anything out. Don’t need employees. Work from anywhere. Make a little or a lot. Achieve true freedom. That said, Adam admits: there is risk involved. You’ll need a significant amount of startup capital. Hard work. Focus. All that.

The specific model Adam teaches at Reliable Education is Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). You source your products from somewhere like China, ship them to one of Amazon’s many warehouses, and, outside of marketing your listings on Amazon’s site, you’re basically done. And your customers are happy. Upon purchase, Amazon picks, packs, and ships them their products; and they get the right product on time, every time.

Back to the money, because that’s the deal-breaker for most. Adam says a good rule of thumb is to have at least $6,000 to launch with. That will go towards ordering your first round of product, label design, professional photos, legal fees, Amazon’s fees, paid ads, and more. On an average sale, roughly one-third goes to Amazon, a third goes to the manufacturer, and a third goes to you. Don’t forget, the Reliable Education course will cost money too.

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The most important step you must get right in order to succeed with Amazon FBA is picking the right products. You want something that’s in demand, that people are already searching for, and something they actually give a damn about. If you can find a segment of the market that’s being underserved, even better. Think mass market, but then give it some creativity, love, differentiation. Rather than a traditional male-female cake topper for weddings, why not create one for the gay market? for example.

For help sourcing, manufacturing, listing, and launching your products, Adam’s Reliable Education Academy and Community is one option. It comes with over-the-shoulder training videos, mindmaps, checklists, group support, and more. The cost is $2,997 or four payments of $897 spaced 30 days apart. There are no guarantees and they do not offer refunds. Plan on spending another $1,000 on software and tools once you join. Then there are upsells to more expensive summits, masterminds, and more.

In going through everything, I was really impressed with Adam and his Reliable Education brand. The production value of his five-part video series was incredible. The only turnoff for me was how quickly everything added up. You’re looking at $10,000 or so just to get your Amazon FBA business off the ground. And then, yeah, there’s no guarantee you’ll make so much as a single sale. On one hand, hey, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about, right? But on the other, there are side hustles you can start for a fraction of that. Like ours. See below.

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