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Residual Payments Review (David And Patricia Carlin)


Patricia and David Carlin are the power couple behind Residual Payments. The story goes, they got sick of everyone asking what they did for a living, after constantly seeing them traveling the world, golfing, skiing, and basically never working, and so they created a program to teach others how to profit from the digital payments revolution. Is it too good to be true? Or a legitimate business opportunity? Read on for my Residual Payments review.

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According to David, for the last 15 years, he and Patricia have been quietly building a passive income empire through a little-known industry called digital payments. How it works is, they help entrepreneurs, small business owners, ecom stores, and even large companies get setup with credit card processing. In turn, they make an itty-bitty fee on every single transaction one of their clients does. As you can imagine, those itty-bitty fees can really start to add up.

When I watched Patricia’s YouTube ad, I wondered, “Yeah but, don’t established businesses already have a credit card processor?” What she explained was, yes, they do, but just like how people refinance their mortgage, business owners can always swap out their processor if a better deal presents itself. Which is where you come in, should you take their training.

You can be that broker. You can pair businesses with the best possible credit card processor and take a sliver to deliver, on all of their sales, for the life of each account. After it’s all setup, you’ll get paid, monthly, until they go out of business or switch to another solution. Pause. A good-looking couple? Using lifestyle marketing? Talking about hands-free money? This has to be a scam, right? I thought so at first. But after going through everything, I gotta say, Residual Payments looks like the real deal.


Onto the offer. David and Patricia sell a mini course under the Residual Payments brand. It’s called The Digital Payments Revolution. Members will watch a series of videos to learn their three step process for making residual income off of credit card payments. It’s the exact same principles and strategies they use to pocket a staggering six figures per month! You’ll also get invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.

The Digital Payments Revolution costs just $37. There’s a Residual Income Multiplier video tutorial and worksheet you can add to your order for another $17. You’re backed by a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee. My guess is, they’ll have a series of increasingly pricier upsells once you join. They have plenty of positive reviews. And if you search YouTube, both David and Patricia have been featured on several podcasts where they come across as trustworthy and surprisingly down to earth.

For me, everything about Residual Payments checks out. It’s a proven model. The Carlins walk the walk. Their introductory program is inexpensive and risk-free. And I didn’t see any red flags or slimy tactics being used in their marketing. As for the business itself, I think you’ll find it’s going to be a grind until you get those first few wins under your belt. Because why would a business owner trust you? Who have you helped before? Don’t they already have a go-to processor person? Why switch to some stranger with no social proof? To see how we overcome that in our business, click below.

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