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Julie Reynolds Reviews (YouTube Academy)


Julie Reynolds wants to turn you into a recruiting master for your network marketing business.

No, not by cold messaging. That can work but it’s about as fun as finding a lump on your body and wondering if it’s cancerous.

Not even by hitting up your warm market, although, as an extrovert, Julie’s had success doing that. Maybe you’re unwilling though.

All good. Her secret sauce?


That’s right, every month, Julie brings in 5-7 business builders and earns as much as $17,000 with her company (Modere). Most of that comes from the free videos she uploads to YouTube.

What kinda videos?

Videos that attract people who might wanna buy Modere products, so like:

  • Drop 5 Pounds in 5 Days with Modere… But How?
  • Unbelievable Weight Loss Result with Modere Trim – You Won’t Believe What…
  • Can Modere’s Lean Body System Transform You?
  • Is Modere Collagen Really Worth All The Hype?

Or videos that attract people who might wanna join her downline, such as:

  • Why Modere is the Perfect Business Opportunity for Health and Wellness Enthusiasts
  • Is Making Money With Modere Too Good to Be True?
  • Modere: Should You Even Think About Joining This Company?
  • Which is Better: Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing?
  • Discover the Secrets to Exploding Your Network Marketing Business With YouTube

When people go to Google and YouTube to search for such terms, they’ll find her videos, watch them, get to know, like and trust her, and she doesn’t have to actively be working for that to happen.

And unlike Facebook and Instagram and TikTok, where a new post might be hot for 15 minutes before the algorithm throws water on it and that’s that, these videos have staying power. They’re always there, always getting views, for as long as each title remains relevant, right?

And then the most serious prospects can reach out to Julie if they have questions or need help signing up under her.

Doesn’t this sound like a smarter, more enjoyable, more effective way to make rank?

Julie sure thinks so.

MLM Positivity

She averages about one new YouTube video per week.

Some of them are Shorts, less than a minute long. Others are 2-3 minutes. Once in a while she’ll go like 8-11 minutes.

Each video has one specific call to action:

  • Click this link to get $10 off Modere Trim.
  • If you wanna chat more about making money with Modere, message me on Facebook.
  • Go here to grab your free YouTube Starter Kit.

What if you don’t feel like you would know what to say in these videos?

Don’t worry. Julie curates most of her content. That’s where you basically reword or give your take on other people’s (or you company’s) content. Easy peasy, right?

Sure, but what if the thought of being on camera for the whole world to critique makes your palms sweat and your tummy turn? What if you’re an introvert? Or just awkward? Or you’re worried you don’t look the part? You’re overweight and your house is messy and the dog’s barking and ya got two kids screaming in the background, and that’s supposed to get people to open up their wallets? Doubt it.

Unfortunately, when pitching her $497 YouTube Academy for Network Marketers, Julie never handles this objection. I guess you’re just supposed to “power through it.”

And that’s where this thing falls apart for me. If you’re outgoing and charismatic and you’ve got your life together, like Julie, by all means, buy this course. It’ll probably work for you.

But for everyone else, it’s like asking a Kardashian to go without plastic surgery. Never gonna happen.

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