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Ritz Momentum Review (Izabella Ritz)


Izabella Ritz is the CEO of Ritz Momentum. She’s got a great story. Born in The Soviet Union. After school, she started, grew and sold two businesses in the web design space. Then she launched an interior design company. Built that up, sold it. Took a year off. Missed interior design, so ran it back, creating a new studio from scratch. Whaddya know, successfully exited that one too. Eventually, she starts dabbling in digital marketing.

“So at this point, I knew how to run ad campaigns, I knew how to sell stuff online,” Izabella said in a podcast interview. “So when I came to the United States, it was easy for me to launch my business on Amazon because I understood how all of the components worked. I knew I’d figure out the Amazon part too. So I tried Amazon. This was 2015. What I did was, I advertised my products through the influencers at the time, which were mainly bloggers. And within 24 hours, I got so many customers.”

That strategy is just as relevant today, Izabella points out. It’s much more competitive. So to think you can just throw up a new listing and turn on Amazon PPC and everything’s gonna be gravy? Well, that’s probably not gonna be enough. You wanna start the snowball down the hill with some outside help. Show Amazon people want your product. Then they’ll reward you with higher organic rankings. And you can always sprinkle some PPC on top, can’t you? Which brings us to RitzArm.com, Izabella’s agency.

“Over the years, I realized the Amazon business is very complicated and technical,” she explained. “So it’s pretty hard to teach people to do it right. And so we just started doing stuff for them. It’s much easier to do it for you as opposed to trying to tell you how to do it yourself. And people loved it. They don’t wanna learn. They just want somebody to do the heavy lifting for them. And then, just so they understand what we’re doing, we’ll give ’em our courses for free.”

Ritz Arm

Ritz Momentum is no small operation. They now have 52 employees. When you inquire about working with them, they’ll try to understand where you’re at in your Amazon journey. What are you struggling with? Where are you looking to go? What are your expectations? They’re not trying to sell you something you don’t need. Or more of what you do need. Just the bare minimum—the one thing to get you over the hump and on your way. Whatever service or package they sell you has to be valuable to you.

Everything’s about risk mitigation. Say they’re doing product validation for you. Their mission, then, is to reduce your risk of failure to as close to zero as possible. Will it ever get all the way to zero? No, Izabella says bluntly. It’s still a business. You’re still an entrepreneur. Unlimited upside comes with potential downside. That’s just how it is. But their agency’s gonna be as transparent as possible. “Here’s what you’re paying us. Here’s what we’re gonna do for you. These are the potential outcomes.”

You can hire Izabella and company to do all things Amazon. Product research; photography; copywriting; pay per click ads; account management; listing optimization; Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) design; and more. Pricing will vary, obviously, depending on the scope of the project. Schedule a call with ’em to learn more. Super impressed with this woman’s backstory and everything she’s already achieved in business. I don’t sell on Amazon—never have, never will—but I’d try out Ritz Momentum if I did.

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