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ROAS.org Review (Frank Kern)


Frank Kern, with his latest little funnel slash offer, ROAS.org, literally guarantees you’ll make money. If you work with them and don’t make more than their fee, they’ll refund you the difference plus an additional twenty percent. So no matter what happens, you’ll get a return. Yes, it’s that simple. How? Continue down the page for my ROAS review.

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“The first thing we do is we generate immediate sales for you,” Kern said. “With the overwhelming majority of clients we’re able to find very low-hanging fruit in their existing databases and audiences; and we can take your offer and reposition it, present it to your audience, and get immediate sales. Our typical goal and our primary milestone is to do that within the fist seven days of working together.”

“The next phase of making this more sustainable, rather than a one-time deal, is we take the very thing we did to generate immediate sales and then we automate it and turn it into a system. Which then allows us to focus on your ads. Since you now have an automated system that can bring in immediate sales? It’s way easier to make your ads work,” he added.

The catch? Frank obviously can’t make this type of guarantee to just anyone. You need to meet a few qualifications. You must have an email list of leads or past customers; you need to have momentum; a working sales process; an offer that’s already selling to some degree. Is that you? If so, and assuming you’d like to put Kern and company to the test, here’s your next step.


Schedule a call using the embedded calendar at the bottom of ROAS.org. You’ll talk to someone on Frank’s team. They’ll ask about your business to make sure they really can help you. If so, they’ll come up with a customized plan; laying out exactly what they would do on your behalf to make you measurably more money than what they charge. And all within the first month of working together.

“Then, if you do decide to put us to the test, you get money. Regardless. Like I said, we will either generate more than you pay us, and we will do so measurably so you can tell that we generated that. Or we will pay you whatever the difference is plus an additional twenty percent. So you can not help but make a positive return on your test with us. So if you’re interested, just choose a time that works for you,” Frank summarized.

How much does ROAS.org cost? No clue. You’d have to book your call to find out. But it shouldn’t matter if Frank keeps his promise, right? For me, of all the Frank Kern pitches I’ve seen over the years (and there have been lots!), this is my favorite. It’s the first offer I recall him making where you really can’t lose. And you know he’s a world-class marketer. And he’s screening for clients who would be layups. So I don’t doubt you’ll see an uptick in business should you sign up. That said, if, on the off chance, you’d rather learn how to have ready-to-buy prospects come to you, organically, click below.

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