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Robby Blanchard ClickBank Training: Not A Fan

Robby Blanchard ClickBank Earnings

Commission Hero founder Robby Blanchard says he helps ordinary people make a grand a day online. No way that’s an average result for one of his students, but let’s assume you can look past that. Is what he teaches inside Commission Hero (how to promote ClickBank products with Facebook ads) a good business model? Not even close. It’s probably my least favorite of all the ones I’ve reviewed, which is saying something because I’ve reviewed hundreds.

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To be fair, in theory, it sounds pretty sweet. Promote someone else’s digital product, drive traffic, watch commissions show up in your ClickBank account, sip umbrella drink on the beach, right? What’s not to like? It’s fast, it’s easy, you don’t really have to talk to anyone, and once you get a winning campaign, you just spend more on ads to make more money. Honestly? Becoming a ClickBank super affiliate like Robby? Probably would be the ultimate lifestyle business. But there are three deal-breakers for me.

Number one: ClickBank products are absolute trash. You’re talking outsourced PDF documents about making money online or losing a bunch of weight fast, that are sold for thirty-seven bucks or whatever, that only sell because of the insane sales pages these guys come up with. Like, you know, “I was at a bar in London when I bumped into a billionaire and he told me his secret three-step system for making unlimited money using nothing but a phone and this little-known traffic source no one’s talking about.”

“And when I got home to Michigan, wouldn’t ya know, I used that exact three-step system to buy my dream home and retire my parents and I basically never have to work again; and I was just gonna selfishly keep this all to myself, but then a friend convinced me to ‘send the elevator back down’ and so, for a limited time (because I don’t want this getting into the hands of too many people), I’m willing to share it with you for a low one-time fee of twenty-nine ninety-nine; but only if you beat the countdown timer.”

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Ya know what I’m saying? And that’s probably mild compared to some of the ClickBank offers that are being promoted by thousands of Commission Hero members right now. And then, the minute someone buys, they’re hammered over the head with one ridiculous upsell after the next, which is how you can earn sometimes hundreds of dollars as an affiliate, on an average sale, when you promote this garbage. But c’mon. Can you look in the mirror and feel good about making a living knowing that’s the kind of product you’re selling?

Or hey, maybe I’m too cynical. Maybe I’m being too hard on these ClickBank offers. Okay, cool. But my second gripe is this: everyone Robby teaches this to is gonna go after the same handful of top-converting ClickBank products using the same proven ads and funnels and messaging, are they not? So it’s like, even if you luck out, and get one of these things to pop, isn’t your success gonna be short-lived? Before the next hundred students come in and copy you verbatim?

And then, say I’m missing something, say you handle that objection. Awesome, but I do have one more. My third and final “beef” with Robby’s training is this: good luck running Facebook ads to these types of offers, right? That’s an account ban waiting to happen. No way Facebook’s gonna let ya tee off on their user base to sell get rich quick or rapid weight loss types of products. And sure, you could use a bridge page and try to game the system, but it’s only a matter of time till Zuck slaps ya silly.

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