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The Profit Room Review


Ernest Curry and Latoya “Chart Queen” Smith are the creators of The Profit Room, an e-learning company that teaches stocks, options, forex, and futures. Their goal is to help you build generational wealth and live a life of financial independence. But first, you gotta distinguish between investing and trading. With investing, you’re holding a stock or a mutual fund or index fund or ETF for the long-term. Five plus years. You need to research, plan, and have lots of patience.

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The goals of investing are growth, diversification, compounding, and dividend reinvestment. Then, on the other side of the coin, you got trading. Which is short-term. A few minutes to a few weeks, max. But this is a way to supplement your income today. You’ll need to study, come up with a winning strategy, and then have the discipline to see it through. Latoya has experience trading stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and yes, even crypto. She was able to quit her job and live off her trading profits.

There are three styles of trading. Trend trading is like investing, only you don’t hold quite as long. Just until the trend changes. Swing trading is when you take advantage of the little uptrends and downtrends in the market, which typically last a few days to a week. And then day trading, obviously, is when you’re in and out of a trade within the same day; sometimes within minutes. Swing trading is what got Latoya out of her nine-to-five, but day trading is her predominant focus these days.

Day traders love volatility. They’re able to capitalize on big, quick, up and down price action. Get in, get out, stack that cash money. But why learn any of this? Shouldn’t you just put what you can in the S&P 500 and hold for as long as you can? Well that’s a start, Latoya says. But then if you have some extra money sitting in your savings, guess what? Not only is that getting little to no interest, but those dollars are losing value every day as inflation continuously creeps up.


There’s no way to keep up or get ahead without putting your money to work. Latoya shows feedback from some of their members inside The Profit Room. Ebony wrote, “Hey Latoya, I went live on Monday and made a profit of $144 yesterday and a little more today, both with Roku. I just paid for my Profit Room membership in one day and my internet bill the next day. Y’all are amazing. I can’t thank you and Ernest enough! PS, I withdrew my profits immediately and I’m keeping my balance at $500 daily.”

Another student, Crystal, made ten K on a call option. And someone else apparently did ninety-six grand in a single day. Yes, almost six figures. In a day. I’m guessing they had quite a bit of money in their trading account, but still. “And this is what we master at, okay,” Latoya says. “Ernest and I master at teaching the art and skill necessary to either learn how to invest, trade, really to accommodate your lifestyle so you can really make this work for you. We’ll pair you with the right strategy to achieve your goal.”

Investing.com’s a great resource you can check out to start learning about all this stuff, Latoya says. Read the headlines, see what’s going on, get familiar with the terminology. And then you can pull up any of the real-time charts. When you’re ready for a custom plan and mentoring, book a strategy session with The Profit Room. Latoya doesn’t say how much it costs, but admits their programs are not free and not cheap. I’d like to see more proof and case studies in their presentation.

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