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Connected Investors Reviews (Ross Hamilton)

Ross Hamilton CEO

Ross Hamilton is the top dog, the one who wears the crown of power over at Connected Investors. He’s got a new real estate strategy that is sticking its tongue out at the old way of doing things. You’ve never heard about it before. It works better today than ever. And your bank account will do the happy dance when large lump sums of cash plus passive income gets deposited several times a month. So far, I’m as doubtful as a snowman in July, but let’s see if Ross can melt away my skepticism.

“While the media is talking about a recession filled with financial doom and gloom,” Ross says, “people like me and my students are collecting big checks faster than ever. Let me share something that the media isn’t likely to put in print. The biggest and fastest money is always made during times just like these. To me, the word recession just means change. And change is great when it comes to making money. Some of the world’s most valuable companies were built during times like these.”

Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Zillow, the list goes on. It’s not just giant corporations though. Everyday people no different than you are leaving their jobs, learning new skills, and raking in the dough faster than a chef at a pizza parlor. You see it on social media. That friend of a friend posting pictures of his new S-Class every chance he gets. Meanwhile, that kid on your son’s basketball team—the one who always dribbles it off his foot (Benji?)—yeah, his dad just posted on Facebook, saying how they closed on their dream home. WTH?

The economy doesn’t matter; your economy does. Wealth can be created at any time. Connected Investors has ya covered. Your age, income, education? Irrelevant. No prior experience, credit, or external financing required to cash in on their snazzy new approach to real estate investing—the same approach Ross Hamilton used to go from literal dumpster diver to a net worth of $100 million. His empire was built on the back of four simple words: buy low, sell high. I hope Ross has some more tricks up his sleeve than just that little nugget of insight.

Wilmington NC Headquarters

My man’s playing a game of hide-and-seek with the point, but don’t worry, we’ll find it soon. “I became famous for creating a piece of real estate software that allows you to roll back property prices to 2019 levels,” Ross rambles on. “Today, thanks to artificial intelligence, a few recent tech breakthroughs, and a major event, the playing field has been leveled. It’s easy to start finding discounted real estate not available to the general public. Simply log in to the newest version of my PiN Software—the only tool you need to find properties for fifty cents on the dollar.”

With no employees and less than 10 hours of work, Ross claims he picked up 170+ deeply discounted houses, allowing him to run circles around the best investors in towns he’s never even visited. Oh, and these are nice homes. No repairs needed. Fixer-uppers are a no-go for Ross. He likes his real estate like he likes his relationships: stable and low-maintenance. “With PiN, I focus on properties that can easily be flipped or rented in their current condition,” he explains. “This allows me and my students to make money faster and without all the drama.”

Makes no difference where you live. This can be done in any city, from any city. No need to leave home. No need to borrow any money. Just use Ross’ Micro Flip Training Course and proprietary PiN software to start cashing checks so fast, you’ll need a calculator to keep up. To use PiN in one state, it’s $99 a year. For all 50 states, it’s $999 a year. Ponder this though: Why the heck is Ross spreading his software gospel far and wide? Isn’t he just begging for a saturated market? Perhaps peddling passwords is a more lucrative business than flipping properties.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.