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Royal Legal Solutions Reviews


Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and real estate investor. If you make at least $150k a year in household income, his company, Royal Legal Solutions, can help you net an extra $305k in one week using tax and legal wizardry. Although, once Scott breaks it down, it’s a bit misleading. He may set this up in just a week, but the $305k in savings happens slooowly over the course of 20 years. What else should you know? Find out below in my review.

“Imagine what this could do for your portfolio,” Scott says. “And I gotta tell ya, this is actually a conservative estimate. For the majority of our clients, we’re able to 2-3x that [$305k number] once they implement our system and join our team. You need clarity. And the best way to get that is to use a team that only works with real estate investors and can do everything—on the legal side, tax side, insurance side, and on the investment advisory side. When thinking about net worth and cash flow, you can’t procrastinate.”

“You also don’t wanna be frantic and jump all around,” he adds. “You want to act like the rich. You want to set up systems and processes to be able to have continued growth over time, without the big ups and downs, and then experience that big J-curve of cash flow and net worth once the system gets dialed in. But what does that look like? Well, it starts with investing, which can look different for different people. But it’s also about protecting yourself from lawsuits and taxes.”

Some of the lowest-hanging fruit is just avoiding frivolous lawsuits. Of which there are about 40 million filed annually, Scott says. Heavens to Betsy, that’s a lot frivolousness. Yep, and the average judgement if you lose is like $1.1 million; or about $65 Gs if you reach a settlement. But c’mon, you’re a good person, what are the chances you’re gonna get sued in your lifetime? According to Scott, over the span of 20 years, it’s a lot higher thank you think: about 95%. Sheesh. That’ll make your insides do a somersault, huh?

Royal Vault

Once Scott’s got you fortified against legal attack like a medieval castle, then, the next order of business, is tax protection. His team should be able to stash another $5- to $25k a year in your sock drawer. Right? So, the way Scott sees it, you’re either gonna pay the government an unnecessary $5- to $25k a year in taxes and a litigation attorney at least $65k at some point, or, you can pay a small fraction of that to Royal Legal Solutions. This isn’t just theory, either. They’ve battle-tested this with over 2,000 clients nationwide.

Bottom line, if you wanna grow your wealth faster, protect yourself from lawsuits, and you’d rather listen to Nickelback on repeat for a week than overpay on taxes? (This is how… you remind me… of what I really am. You’re welcome.) And you want your spouse, your kids, your partner to be taken care of if, God forbid, something should happen to you? And you wish you had a team of pros you could trust to basically snap their fingers and make all this a reality for you? Scott says book a call.

This isn’t a small operation, mind you. They have four attorneys, eight paralegals, CPAs, MBAs, fractional CFOs, insurance agents, and investing specialists. They’re now protecting over $1.2 billion in assets for over 2,000 real estate investors in every corner of the U.S. Scott’s cool with Grant Cardone, Rod Khleif, he’s been on the BiggerPockets podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, and the list goes on. Guy could probably name-drop his way out of a black hole. Anyways, verdict? Yeah, he seems plenty legit to me.

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