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AMZ Arbitrage University Review (Garret Rozell)


Garret Rozell was fresh outta high school, working part-time at FedEx, when he came across one of Reezy Resells’ YouTube videos. It was about flipping books. So he started doing that. Getting ’em at bookstores, Goodwill, the local library, etc., and then selling them for more online. That led to retail arbitrage, private label, and now today, Garret mostly just focuses on wholesale and online arbitrage. Read on for my review of his new course.

The first thing every new Amazon seller should do, Garret says, is try to get ungated in as many different categories and brands as possible. Good news is, you don’t have to jump through as many hoops today as you did back when Garret got started. So whether you wanna sell groceries or toys or brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour—all of ’em are easily ungateable now. Inside AMZ Arbitrage University, he’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

Another tip Garret has for newbie FBA sellers is to get the software Keepa right away. It’s a browser extension that’ll provide you with a ton of data on the history of pretty much any item you look up. So, sales volume, the average selling price of that product, how that product ranks over a specific period of time, how many sellers have been active on that listing, reviews, variations of the product, and so on. And then, when you factor all that in, you can make much better buying decisions, can’t you?

“A third tip,” Garret adds, “is just staying on top of your account health. A lot of people that get into Amazon don’t know how crucial this is. So this is, like, if you have an inauthentic complaint, making sure you respond to it. If you have a bad review, making sure you appeal it and try to get it removed. Staying on top of inventory metrics. Making sure you’re following all the rules. When you’re sending shipments into Amazon, you’re not using oversize boxes that are dinging your account. Things like that.”

AMZ Wholesale

Seems simple enough. So why is the failure rate so high with Amazon? Most people just quit too soon, Garret says. They give it a shot for a week or two, hit a snag, and give up. Don’t let that be you. Understand going in, it’s gonna take some time to get it off the ground. There’s a learning curve. Be prepared to give it a full 12-months before you begin to see the fruits of your labor. If you’re unwilling to do that, this probably isn’t the right business for you. Go find a get rich quick course to purchase, right?

What about money? How much do you realistically need to follow Garret’s blueprint? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not tens of thousands of dollars. If you’ve only got a thousand bucks, get out there and start reselling used electronics, used books, anything that’s cheap to buy. If you’ve got a bit more, maybe you start with retail arbitrage. Then wholesale. Then online arbitrage. Point being, there’s a model for just about anyone in any financial situation. Don’t let a lack of capital hold you back.

Speaking of which, watch out for analysis paralysis. Find a mentor you believe in, give them your full attention, and execute on what they say. Put your blinders on. At this point, consuming more YouTube videos and books and podcasts and courses is only gonna overwhelm you. It’s gonna do more harm than good. If you want Garret to be that person for you, check out his AMZ Arbitrage University program. Cost is $497, but he’ll be bumping it up soon. Or, for a higher margin, less competitive alternative, tap below.

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