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BudgetDog Academy Review (Brennan Schlagbaum)


Brennan Schlagbaum used to be buried under $304k worth of debt. Now he’s a millionaire. Only took him three years to make that turnaround. 

Brennan believes he can help you find an extra $19,000 per year using his simple budgeting and investing framework. Hope he’s not gonna tell us to clip coupons and swap Starbucks for instant coffee and forget about vacations till we’re like 55 or something. 

Read on for my BudgetDog Academy review.

Brennan’s daughter Logan has this extremely rare condition called Dravet Syndrome. Before she was diagnosed, he and his wife never cared all that much about money. As long as they had a roof over their heads and there was food on the table, it was all gravy.

This changed everything though.

All of a sudden, money was incredibly important. They got their finances in order – so much so that they were able to move across the country and live next to the #1 hospital in the world for Dravet Syndrome.

Not only that, but Brennan’s wife was able to quit her job and stay at home with baby Logan full time.

Had they not mastered money, none of that woulda been possible; and who knows what kinda complications their little princess would’ve had.

Ya know?

But Brennan gets it. You’re probably not in that same situation. There’s nothing pressing going on to where you desperately need more money. Your bills get paid just fine every month, thank you very much.

Well, he insists, just remember the surprise party life might throw, with you footing the bill.

Maybe your air conditioner craps out in the middle of the summer. Or your car decides to become a lawn ornament. Or you sneak away for the weekend, only to find your toilet turning your home into the lost city of Atlantis upon return. And what’s that exotic aroma? Oh, just mold mingling in the carpet of your master bedroom. So after playing phone tag with a plumber, better hit up some restoration companies while you’re at it.

Hey, if you’re lucky, maybe all that happens in the same week.

Got $20 Gs to spare? Probably not.

CPA Brennan Schlagbaum

Brennan wants to make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way, and then some.

He’s a CPA, by the way, so you’re in good hands.

Step 1, he says, is zero-based budgeting. That’s when your income minus your expenses, savings and investments equals zero. Takes a whopping 30 minutes a month to do this. It’s extremely accurate. And you end up with more money, confidence and clarity.

Step 2, then, is investing with little to no risk. How? Stick to what you know. When in doubt, go with ETFs and Index Funds. Aim for singles and doubles rather than swinging for the fences and whiffing. (Brennan’s looking at you, NFTs and AI stocks.)

Step 3 is to dollar cost average. “Time in the market is better than tim-ing the market.” Put in what you can – once a week or once a month – and have your investment account buy shares automatically so you never have to think about it. And since you’re playing the long game, your emotions will never get in the way.

That’s all Brennan did to become a millionaire while he still has most of his hair.

Want his help to budget, invest and build lasting wealth?

That’s what BudgetDog Academy is for.

Unfortunately, he keeps the cost of the program hidden like a teen’s browsing history. (Wait, why’s that sock standing upright? Ohhh… never mind.)

Let’s move on.

Even if it’s affordable, is it worth joining? I’d say no. It’s PB&J-level knowledge; comparable insights are readily available through blogs, YouTube, or a $12 book on Amazon.

Unless the hand holding and accountability is what you’re after. In which case, go nuts.

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