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Course From Scratch Review (Danielle Leslie)


Danielle Leslie did it. She made a million dollars in her business in one year. All from one online course. Now she wants to help 1,000 other people launch their own profitable course, without the content or tech overwhelm that stops so many people dead in their tracks. Is her Course From Scratch program legit? What’s it cost? Continue on for my review.

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Just like it sounds, Course From Scratch is an e-learning program that walks you through creating, marketing, and selling your own course, starting from ground zero. It’s taught via step by step video modules spread out over eight weeks. You’ll also get group support in the CFS private Facebook group and on live calls. Plus three free months of Danielle’s go-to course hosting platform (Teachable) and a 7 Day Email List Builder training. The cost is $1,997 or six monthly payments of $394. There’s a seven day money-back guarantee.

Before Course From Scratch, Danielle did online marketing for Silicon Valley startups. She also worked at Udemy from 2012 to 2015 as a course launch coach and growth marketer. She has spoken at a number of important conferences and seminars. All impressive stuff. But she became a millionaire by selling a course on selling courses. Is that weird to anyone else?

Because to me it just seems a little pyramid scheme-y. Won’t most of her students follow the money and also create courses on creating courses? It reminds me of Russ Ruffino’s Clients On Demand program where he coaches coaches who coach coaches. But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say at least half of everyone who joins Course From Scratch goes into a unique niche. Nothing MLM-y about it. Even then I would have my concerns.


First and foremost, not everyone can or should sell their own course. If you’re not an absolute wizard at an in-demand skill, with a knack for teaching, and a strong background in internet marketing, then why would you think this is for you? Oh I know, because Danielle Leslie convinced you otherwise. Newsflash: you’re not her. She’s gorgeous, driven, articulate, cool, fashionable, and let’s not forget, she had over a decade of literally the most relevant work experience ever (for someone who wants to sell their own course). Take all that away and it’s a much different ballgame.

Two, can you say saturated? Just think about how many courses you’ve been pitched this week. And now you have Danielle Leslie and eleventy-six other gurus selling courses on selling courses; each with hundreds or even thousands of members who are all being taught the same exact strategies. How will little-ole-you cut through all that noise? Why would someone pick you over all of them? If you can’t answer this, I would think long and hard before sinking too much time, energy, and money into launching your own course.

Third and final, how are you going to get hundreds of eyeballs to your sales page every day? Because that’s what it’ll take to generate a sale. Do you have tens of thousands of dollars to throw at Facebook or YouTube ads? No? Then surely you have a blog, like this, that ranks at the top of Google for hundreds of high-commercial-intent keywords, right? Wait, what’s that? No again? You say you’re just going to spam Instagram and hope people buy? Guys, this is not a game. Traffic generation is everything (assuming your offer is dialed). And the average person will never get enough of it to make steady sales. Not being a hater. But not everyone can do what Danielle does. For something more practical, see below.

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