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Funnel Scripts Review (Jim Edwards Copywriter)

Copywriter Jim

Jim Edwards has teamed up with Russell “I’m excited about being excited” Brunson to bring you Funnel Scripts. Here’s the big promise: get all your sales letters, scripts, webinar slides, emails, and ads written in under 10 minutes, without hiring an expensive copywriter. Please tell me this isn’t some AI writer thing. I’d rather drink a bucket of bleach than spam the internet with robotic content some stupid machine cobbled together. But I won’t hold my breath.

Jim and Russell explain how you’re one good sales letter away from being rich. It’s not so much about your product or how great of a person you are or even how much traffic you can get, because none of that matters if the words on the page (or in the video) don’t inspire people to pull out their credit card and buy. In Jim’s case, he learned how to write great copy himself, but it took years. And Russell? He paid someone $20 Gs for his first blockbuster sales page.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend years or invest tens of thousands of dollars to get the type of content that can bust your business open like a coconut. “That is the most important thing to understand,” Russell says. “Whether you wanna be rich or be broke, the most important thing is copy. All the stuff on the page, from the headline, to the bullet points, to what’s being said in the video, that is what determines whether or not somebody’s gonna give me their money.”

Jim aggressively agrees. “An ugly website with great copy will always outperform a beautiful website with crummy copy,” he says, rocking a mean goatee and a Funnel Scripts t-shirt with a dabbing unicorn on it. “So everybody that’s hung up on graphics, you know, and should it be red or blue and all this other stuff? No. It all starts with great copy ’cause great copy is what spells the difference between making sales, getting signups, having people register, whatever it is—that’s what makes it happen. Nothing else.”

Russell Man Child

So copy’s the number one ingredient for success. And most people can hardly write their name let alone a sales page that pops and crackles like a fireplace on Christmas Eve, right? Jim saw an opportunity to bridge that gap. In addition to studying copy, he had a background in software development. What if I could take the scripts Russell shared in his DotCom Secrets book and figure out a way to where anyone could fill in some blanks, whack a button, and boom, get amazing copy for their own projects, Jim wondered.

So he went into his lab and nerded out for about a year and came back to Russell with a prototype that they now call Funnel Scripts, that does exactly that: it basically writes Russell Brunson-level copy for you, after you give it just a little bit of guidance. Like you pick a niche and the type of content you need, and then you tell it who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish, answer some easy questions, click the button, and voila, it spits out text that looks like it was written by your favorite guru.

Based on the demo I saw though, it’s kinda clunky, slightly confusing, and, as you can imagine, incapable of creating a personality that sets you apart from every other #FunnelHacker fanboy who’s gonna buy this thing. But hey, don’t let me get in your way. Funnel Scripts can be yours for just one payment of $797. And then I’m sure Jim and Russell will pound you with upsells like they’re working a heavy bag once you’re in. Have fun with that. I’ll be over here doing the unthinkable: actually writing my own stuff. Toodles.

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