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Sendvilla Review (Lead Gen, Email Marketing)


Sendvilla has a new YouTube ad that goes, “Are you a freelancer or small business owner looking to get more leads for your business? But you’re not willing to buy a list of leads that has already been used by many other people? Do you often think, ‘How am I supposed to grow my business without leads? And how can I get more leads without spending too much time or money?'”

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If so, Sendvilla may be for you. They know how hard it is for small businesses with limited resources to generate their own leads. And who wants to spend hours scouring through websites, hoping to find contact information? Only to reach out manually? Or babysit some virtual assistant to do it for you? Well, now you don’t have to. Enter Sendvilla.

They say they can get you all the leads you want within minutes and without breaking the bank. Not only that, but you can send unlimited emails to your newfound leads right from within their system. You can also segment your leads list however you want; and follow up with them accordingly.

To start the lead gen process with Sendvilla, simply login, click on Leads, enter a keyword and location, and start searching. Go grab some lunch, come back, and click on Campaigns to see your new list. Each lead will have the business name, address, phone number, website, social media profiles, even a Google Maps listing if applicable. Select which ones you want to hit up, and start firing out emails. Easy peasy.


Sendvilla’s interface scratches my minimalist itch. You only see what you need. And it makes sense. You’ll know your way around it in minutes. Take their email template builder, for example. Instead of overwhelming you with tabs and options and nonsense, it’s so straightforward: there’s a place to enter your subject and body, a handful of formatting options, and a send button. That’s it. Usability-wise, I’m a fan.

But how much does Sendvilla cost? When they launched, they offered a free trial to the first 100 users. After that, I believe they ran a YouTube ad promoting a pay once, get lifetime access deal. Both of those specials are now gone. When I click on Pricing on their website, I see one option: a Premium plan for $27 per month (per user). Cancel at anytime. No mention of a guarantee or refund policy.

Are there any negatives about Sendvilla? Nothing that jumps out. However, I would like to see more info, stats, and case studies to show just how effective their software is at scraping leads and delivering emails. For twenty-seven bucks a month though, hey, if it streamlines your marketing, it may be worth a shot.

Another thing you can do to get buyers coming to you, either for your own business or as someone who gets paid to refer sales, is make simple little websites and rank them at the top of Google. It’s like having a bunch of houses or apartment units and renting them out, only online. And without all of the traditional real estate headaches. I’ll put a link below if you’d like to learn more.

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