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The Don’t Settle Group Review (Travis Robertson)

Real Estate Coach

Travis Robertson is the CEO of Don’t Settle Coaching. They help realtors quickly build six and seven figure businesses without resorting to old school strategies like door knocking, cold calling, and pestering friends and family for referrals. If you’re an active real estate agent, perhaps they can help you gain control over your lead flow, income, and lifestyle. Find out below by reading my Travis Robertson review.

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Travis Robertson claims he’s one of the top real estate coaches in the world; that his clients earn an average of $521,221 a year; and his proven five step strategy can help you add an extra three to ten closings per month, minimum. Even if you’re brand new with no pipeline or momentum. It all comes down to five key shifts; shifts that can skyrocket your income to $15k, $30k, even $50k or more per month.

Shift one, you must decide to evolve. Change with the world or get left behind (and join the 85% five-year failure rate for real estate agents). Invest in yourself. Improve. Learn the latest marketing methods. Shift two, use “control strategies.” Stop being at the mercy of repeat and referral business. Shift three, use “integrated marketing” (follow prospects around the internet) to produce consistent and predictable lead flow. Shift four, create leverage. Systematize and delegate. Shift five, get a coach. Surprise, surprise, right? “It’s the only way to shortcut success.”

Time out. There is no way Travis hasn’t gone through Russ Ruffino’s Clients On Demand program. His presentation is nearly a carbon copy of Russ’s. Format, font, background images, everything. Right down to the way he over-emphasizes like half of the words in every sentence. Anyone else notice that? It’s like he’s trying too hard. And it just comes off really fake. And it’s exhausting to listen to. Time in.

Travis Robertson

The presentation had no utility whatsoever. Instead, it was chock-full of cliches and Travis telling you what he thinks you want to hear. “You must be coachable.” “Ready to take massive action.” “Why are we doing this? Because we just want to give back.” “Spaces are very, very limited.” “If you see a spot on the calendar, grab it!” “No matter what you guys, I love you and want the best for you.” Dude. Travis. No one’s buying any of that.

And why waste everyone’s time? Why not redo your presentation and show some actual lead generation strategies that are working right now? Show, don’t tell. And then, just be real with people. How would you talk to a buddy over a beer? I want that Travis to present next time; not the politician trying to earn my vote. My other gripe is, why not state or at least give us a ballpark idea of how much your Don’t Settle Coaching costs? You imply it’s pricey, but that’s so subjective. For some, $500 might seem steep; for others, a big number might be $50,000. What’s the minimum someone should have set aside before booking a call?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m jaded from writing too many reviews. But I’m just over these I-took-some-professional-pics-wearing-blazers-and-bought-a-luxurious-looking-website-so-you-can-totally-trust-me-and-pay-me-fifteen-grand types of offers. Contrast that with our style. We put zero emphasis on looking the part and focus solely on speaking straight about the business model. “This is what we do. Here is a live example you can go look at. Here are answers to the questions you probably have. You’ll need this much money to start. Take it or leave it.”

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