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YT Automatic Reviews (RankOne Ecommerce)


Chris Zissis teamed up with RankOne Ecommerce founder Zan Shaikh to create YT Automatic, where they sell a service that allows investors to “earn guaranteed YouTube dividend checks to increase their portfolio and beat the market.” Within five seconds of landing on their pitch page, though, I already saw something that had me screeching to a halt like Wile E. Coyote at the edge of a cliff. Read this review all the way to the end to see what it was.

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Alright, so how’s this all work? Chris says, basically, they’ll build you an automated YouTube channel that generates $5,000 to $15,000+ in fully passive income each month. And it would only take five minutes of your time, in the beginning, to get everything set up and linked to you. YouTube’s a goldmine for investors right now. To prove it, Chris reveals one of his own channels, The Showest, which has more than 400k subscribers at the time of writing this. He doesn’t say what it’s making him, but I appreciate the transparency.

“This little-known investment vehicle is earning people $300, $400, or even $1,000+ in passive income every single day,” Chris claims. “Now it does start off slow, it’s not a money overnight thing, you’re not gonna be rich in a week. But it does climb really quickly and make money very fast [once it takes off]. And you don’t ever need to serve clients or take out a massive line of credit and you’ll never need to carry high risk. Nor will you ever have to lift a finger because this is truly 100% done for you.”

Interested? If so, Chris and Zan and company will crank out viral video content for you, manage your channel, and get you thousands of views and subscribers within just weeks of signing up. Next, they’ll get you monetized so that you’re capturing maximum ad revenue from each of those views. After that, they’ll take it a step further. They’ll reach out and try to get sponsors who’ll pay you an additional $2,000 to $5,000 per month to be featured in your videos. And then they’ll sprinkle in affiliate offers to squeeze out even more revenue.


At this point, if you like what you see, Zan and Chris will allow you to purchase more automatic YouTube channels from them. That way, you can jump to $30,000, $60,000, maybe even $100,000 or more per month. Okay, I just about hurled my oversize Tory Burch bag across the room because no, nobody’s making that much with your service. You want us to believe you’re gonna charge (presumably) a lot less than that… to go do all of this for us… so we can get stanky rich? Why? ‘Cause you’re just great guys?

It doesn’t quite add up that they’d be paying for ads—like spending their own damn money—to tell us about this amazing opportunity, if it were that lucrative. Why not just dump that ad spend into rinsing and repeating the process for yourself, right? Don’t get me wrong. There’s certainly money to be made on YouTube. And I do believe Chris is legit. He wouldn’t be able to flex with that case study channel he mentioned earlier if he wasn’t in the trenches, actually doing this himself. But I think they’re overselling it.

In order for it to make logical sense for them to even offer this, I’m guessing the average new channel they build out’s gonna take a lot longer than you might think, to make a lot less than they’re implying, and I’ve yet to hear anything about a guarantee. And what about saturation? There can’t be that many viral niches, can there? Finally, the bombshell I promised you: these dudes blatantly copied someone else’s copywriting. Like all the text on YTAutomatic.com was stolen from another marketer. If they’re willing to do that, what else are they capable of?

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