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Reviewing Ryan Pineda’s Net Worth

How Much Money Ryan Makes

Ryan Pineda makes a lot of money. We know that. But how much? And what are all of his revenue streams? What’s his net worth? You’re about to find out. In his house flipping and wholesaling business, Ryan made about two-point-five million last year in gross profit. His team did a little over a hundred deals and it was their best year so far. Even better, Ryan was able to replace himself with structures, systems, and other talented people. And he still pockets about a hundred Gs a month from that business.

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Ryan is really proud of that company. To be able to net more than a million dollars a year on something you have no active involvement in is almost unheard of. It gives him the freedom to do what he really loves, which is creating content for his followers and brands. His second source of income is rental properties. Right now, he’s got about thirty different rentals. It’s a mix of single family, multifamily, Airbnbs, and an apartment complex coming soon.

In total, these rentals produce around seventeen grand a month in cash flow. Ryan is working on coming out with his own real estate investment fund, Pineda Capital. Income stream number three is stocks. He can’t touch this money, obviously, because it’s in a retirement account, but it’s worth about three hundred grand currently and earns dividends of approximately five hundred dollars a month. Not sexy, but great for building long-term wealth.

Fourth, Ryan makes money with cryptocurrencies. His crypto wallet right now has about seven hundred grand in it. By placing it in an interest bearing account, at five percent, that comes out to about thirty-five Gs a year; or right around three grand a month. Income stream number five is his Las Vegas based real estate brokerage firm called Forever Home Realty. They have ninety agents. Their focus is on investments and social media. Ryan makes ten Gs a month from that.

Ryan Pineda House Flip

Income stream number six is another company Ryan owns with a partner called TrueBooks CPA, a firm that offers tax, bookkeeping and accounting services for the real estate industry. Ryan has been reinvesting heavily to grow it, and so he doesn’t currently make a profit off of it. Seventh, Ryan dabbles in ecom. He’s got a dropshipping store and an Amazon FBA store. It’s early in the game, but Ryan pockets about fifteen hundred bucks a month on that.

Income stream number eight is YouTube ad revenue. For the last few months, he’s averaged about twelve grand a month. He wants to snowball that to a hundred grand a month this year. Ninth, Ryan makes money off of sponsors and affiliates. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and his podcast combine for about thirty grand a month for these types of deals. The reality is, Ryan dumps that thirty grand right back into producing more content; so it’s basically a wash.

Tenth is Ryan’s book, Flip Your Future. He makes about three grand a month in royalties. Ryan saved the best for last. His biggest income stream is his eleventh, and that is education. Courses, coaching, consulting. It accounts for a hundred and fifty grand a month currently, and that number’s only gonna go up. He expects to hit a half million a month by year’s end. Total it all up and Ryan is netting about three hundred grand a month from eleven different income streams. His net worth is six-point-seven million dollars.

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