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Leveling Up School Review


Eric Siu claims you can start your dream business in just forty-two days. You can live the lifestyle of your dreams. You can control your schedule and dictate how you want to live your life. Most people never achieve these things. They’re too overwhelmed trying to learn sales, marketing, ecommerce, products, and on and on. It’s a lot of work. Eric would know. He’s built multiple successful online businesses in a handful of different industries. Keep reading for my Leveling Up School review.

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“So we’ve seen a lot of different business models out there,” Eric says, “and we’ve worked with some of the biggest customers in the world, including Airbnb, Salesforce, and just a lot of great clients in general. And we don’t say this to brag. The reason for saying this is because, well, following certain frameworks we’re able to continually level up over a period of time. The reason why I say ‘level up’ is because I wrote a book called Leveling Up, which is about gamifying life.”

“And, I played a lot of games growing up, and the lens in which I see the world is in levels; I see it as a game, right?” he continues. “How do you gamify life? How do you gamify business? How do you gamify everything? And I’m telling you, building a business is very much like playing a game. And there are simple mindset shifts you can make starting tomorrow that will make a big impact not only in how you build a business but how you run your life in general. But courses don’t work. Ninety-eight percent of people never finish them.”

So what’s the solution, Eric? How’d you go from nearly getting kicked out of college due to poor grades, all the way to multi-millionaire digital entrepreneur? Step one is to reduce your distraction and focus, he explains. Stop trying to do everything poorly and instead do one thing well. Speaking of which, step two, is to start with a service business. Consulting, coaching, launching a digital marketing agency, freelancing, something like that. Why? It requires little to no money to start.

Leveling Up

Step three is productizing and delegating with systems. Working on and not in your business. As you get more advanced, the goal is to work above the business. Become the chairperson. Step four is building a moat with content. Something that protects you from competition. Grow your audience, establish your community, create brand equity. Blogging, TikTok, YouTube, a podcast, Twitter, whatever it is; a body of work that can’t be copied overnight is what you’re after.

Step five is mentorship. One of the only “hacks” that exists. Move faster, sidestep mistakes, straighten the line that leads to success. Which takes us to Eric’s offer: Leveling Up School, a six week accelerator program that will show you how to build your own dream business that provides both time and financial freedom. “If you want the five percent of things that I’m not able to share publicly, this is the program for you,” Eric says. “This is what I wish I had when I first started in business.”

The curriculum will take you from total beginner to established business owner. All you need is an hour a week. Lessons are designed to be fun and easy. You’ll get templates, systems, processes. Not just from Eric’s businesses but also his uber-successful friends that he’s met through his podcast and mastermind events. Leveling Up School costs nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars, or three monthly installments of four-ninety-seven. I’m just worried it’s too generic. How can you help anyone build any biz they want in an hour a week? Wouldn’t you need specific steps for what you’re trying to do?

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