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Spencer J Vann Reviews: Talks A Lot, Says Nothing

Vann Mercedes

Surplus Fund founder Spencer J. Vann says it’s not about seeking more information; it’s about getting the right information and putting it in the right sequence. “I’ve spent thousands of hours studying this stuff,” he says. “Probably tens of thousands of hours. It’s not an exaggeration. Like I’ve read hundreds of books. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of really amazing people. People that are next level. And I’ve also been around people who are the opposite, right?”

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“And where this all started was, I grew up in a family making $60-, $70k a year,” Spencer continues. “So I don’t come from a family of millionaires or billionaires or anything like that. My dad’s literally a high school dropout. So I grew up in kind of a crappy environment. And I’ve gone from that to the best month of my life so far; I made $4.8 million dollars last month. Which is the equivalent of 68 years of my dad’s annual income. Which is just stupid, right? Like that’s just stupid to think about.”

So how’d Spencer pull that off? To help you understand, he suggests looking at the opposite scenario. Inverse problem solving. See, even as a kid, Spencer realized most people’s lives suck. By definition, the majority of people are average, right? And the average person, here in the U.S., is overweight, living check to check, depressed and/or anxious, and headed for divorce, aren’t they? Like who strives for that? Nobody. So what’s up with those people who somehow defy the odds?

“Like Jeff Bezos,” Spencer says, “who grew up on a farm, without a dad, in Texas. To this day, he’s never even met his biological father. In his 20s, he had a decent-paying job, which he gave up to start a virtual bookstore which later became Amazon. Now he makes $2,537 per second; $152,220 per minute; $9,133,200 per hour; $219,196,800 per day; and $80 billion plus per year. Whereas, again, the average American only makes about $69,000 per year. Okay, so, explain that to me.”

Spencer Shoots Pool

“And the top 1% of Americans make $500k a year. The top 0.1% make $3 million a year. So think about that, that’s a 6x increase, right? Just going from the top 1% to the top 0.1%. If you go to the top 0.01%, it’s like $10-, $20 million. So look, I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life. It’s irrelevant to me. If you wanna be a billionaire, if you don’t wanna be a billionaire, if you wanna make $60k a year, if you wanna be in great shape or be obese, or if you wanna have great relationships or not.”

“I really don’t care. It’s your choice. I’m simply here to show you what’s possible and give you a roadmap to achieve more if you want to,” Spencer rants. And no, it’s not by taking the traditional route. Ya know, do good in school, apply to a bunch of colleges, enroll wherever they’ll take ya, finance it with students loans you’ll never pay off, graduate, apply to a bunch of jobs, hopefully they’re hiring, take what you can get, kiss your boss’s butt, decorate your cubicle real nice, max out your 401(k), then die of a heart attack, right?

Nope, instead, start a Surplus Funds business. Or something. I don’t really know because I just watched like 10 of Spencer’s YouTube videos, hoping he’d finally make a point, but it never happened. Dude just talks and talks and talks, beats his chest about making $4.8 million in a month (but never reveals how he did it), and gives you absolutely nothing you can act on. Seems like it’s a bunch of footage to make him appear like a big deal, like he’s got all the answers, but I’m not so sure he does.

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