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Credit Stacking Review (Jack McColl)

Jack McColl Traveling

Jack McColl says there are four main ways to fund a business. First, you could use your hard-earned cash. Which he believes is better spent on long-term investments like real estate, stocks, maybe even crypto. Second is a high interest business loan. A lot of people do this, but they pay a ton in interest. Not ideal. Option three is bringing in an equity partner. Problem is, if the business explodes, this could end up being very costly. The fourth way, and Jack’s personal favorite, is to finance the business with zero percent interest business credit.

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“And you can do that by, first, optimizing your personal credit, leveraging banking relationships, then getting access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of zero percent interest business credit that you can use to start, or massively scale your business,” Jack explains. It’s the same process he used to go from average credit and no business cards to getting approved for three hundred K in credit in just one year.

He then used that credit line to scale multiple six figure companies all while traveling full time. According to the Federal Reserve, right now, the outstanding credit card balances is the lowest it’s been in three years. This means the banks are making less money (because people aren’t paying as much interest). The result? Record high credit card offers right now. Literally the best bonuses and sign up offers in the history of credit.

Just one caveat. It’s not easy to get approved. So the average real estate investor and small business owner is stuck using the old funding methods, racking up debt, going bankrupt in some cases. “This is an absolute tragedy,” Jack says. “This is not the way business is supposed to go.” Okay, so what’s his secret? How did he secure three hundred Gs worth of business credit without fees or interest?


It’s all thanks to his Credit Stacking strategy. Never spend your own money on business expenses. Always get approved for credit lines; no denials or pitfalls. Use the funds to fuel not only your business but beef up long term investments. Never pay fees. Never pay interest. And access six figures of zero percent money. Step one is to master your credit file and score. It’s all about awareness. Where are you, what steps do you need to take?

Step two is to hack the bank. They have a secret approval criteria that they don’t disclose. Thing is, they don’t want you to get approved for zero percent cards because they want to make money off you paying interest. Jack can teach you how to be more attractive in the eyes of the banks. Step three is to use Credit Stacking to stack zero percent interest money. It’s like playing Tetris. You have to match the bureau and bank perfectly.

You also need to do what’s called an inquiry sweep. Basically, you need to clear your history of applying to all these business credit cards or it starts to look fishy. Through sequencing and balance transfers, you can legally game the system. Jack has hundreds of students who’ve gone through his program and gotten approved for significant credit limits without fees or interest. Book a call with the Credit Stacking team to learn more. No mention of what it costs.

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