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Ian Stanley Email Marketing Review

Ian Stanley Copywriter

Apparently Ian Stanley has a simple, almost passive business that can set you free. You probably don’t know about it. But what you do know about is emails. And most companies are no good at email marketing. Herein lies the opportunity. These companies will pay you three thousand, five thousand, even ten thousand dollars or more just to write them simple emails. Say what? He can’t be serious, can he? Scroll down for my Ian Stanley review.

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Ian’s not talking about Fortune 500 companies here. These could be mom and pop shops. Gyms. Dog groomers. Digital product owners. Shopify store owners. Amazon store owners. Influencers. Any profitable business that you can help to make more money through email marketing. No experience, skills, or technical know-how necessary. “In fact, if you can send emails to a friend, you already have the skills to make money online,” Ian says.

You don’t need to be an expert copywriter like him; if you can write at a third grade level, guess what, you’re qualified. And you can run this entire business in just a few hours a week. Clients will happily pay you because when they do it means they’re making more money too. Ian once wrote an email in six minutes that earned him sixty-five hundred bucks.

Right now there’s a nearly unlimited number of businesses willing to pay you thousands of dollars a month to assist with their email marketing. All you risk is your time. You don’t need an office space, employees, inventory, or really any software or tools. Yet you can get paid handsomely for these simple little emails. Why? Because email, when done right, produces phenomenal results. ROI for email marketing can be as high as forty-four hundred percent.


“It’s the single most profitable marketing channel that exists,” adds Ian. “It returns more than SEO, keyword ads, mobile marketing, and banner ads.” And you can do it right from your laptop, from anywhere in the world, in under an hour a day. Simply find businesses that are already in motion, already making money, and create win-win deals with them by being an email marketing expert.

No clue what to write? Ian has fill in the blank templates you can use. Alternatively, you could outsource the email writing to a freelance copywriter. Kick back and collect checks. Again, all it takes is three simple steps. First, identify the people you want to partner with. Second, set up irresistible deals with them. And third, create emails that make them more money. Ian will supply the training and templates at a cost. You’d need to hop on the phone with his team to find out the exact number.

My two cents? I like it. I like Ian. He’s witty, entertaining, and lives up to his Persuasion Hitman brand. I agree with him that the majority of email marketing campaigns are complete garbage; that there’s room for someone like you to step in and squeeze more money from every email sent; that smart business owners would pay for such a service. The one and only challenge? How do you get their attention and get them to agree to this? If Ian’s paid program addresses that, it’s a viable opportunity.

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