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Vick Strizheus Review

The Four Percent Group

Vick Strizheus says he gets asked a lot what the best business model right now is. How do you make money fast? Especially if you’re cash-strapped and you don’t have a lot of extra time and you’re just getting started? And what if you have no list, no product, and no connections? Is it even realistic that someone like that could launch a location-independent business? Absolutely, Vick claims. Become a super affiliate. Recommend other people’s products in exchange for a commission. Scroll down for my Vick Strizheus review.

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Vick swears, affiliate marketing is, hands down, the only way to go. Forget all the other opportunities you see being promoted. Amazon FBA, audiobook publishing, house flipping, launching your own digital marketing agency. Just do affiliate marketing. Connect buyers with sellers, take a cut of the sale, repeat. No need to spend months creating your own course or field customer complaints all day or order inventory or run your own sales team. None of that.

Affiliate marketing is simple, scalable, way more lifestyle friendly. But there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Most affiliates fall flat on their face because they follow a broken model, Vick says. They grab their affiliate link for some junky eBook and just start spamming it all over the internet. No wonder they never earn any commissions. Instead they should be using Vick’s hub-based approach. It took him from nothing to averaging eleven K per day with affiliate marketing.

“Think about that,” Vick says. “Over three hundred thousand dollars a month, just like that, month in, month out. Consistently. Predictably. Just selling other people’s products. Didn’t have to customer service anybody, nothing. It’s amazing. I just did a promotion for another company just recently and within just the last week, generated over six hundred thousand dollars in sales. Just selling somebody else’s product. Right?”

Vick Strizheus Scammer

Vick continues his pitch. You can make big huge money if you do affiliate marketing right. He’s holding a free masterclass to show you the ropes. He’ll teach you the types of offers that work best, where to find them, how to create a marketing system around those products, how to get traffic for pennies on the dollar, how to convert that traffic into sales, and how to make more money while you sleep than you can spend while you’re awake.

“If you want to know how to do this right, I literally break this down for you completely,” he adds. “Now, Vick, why would you give away your secrets? It’s pretty simple. I am, right now in our company, Four Percent, we are on a mission right now to create super affiliates. This is where we teach them how to become great affiliates, we connect them with other companies that are amazing, we create this network of super affiliates, and we are on a mission to change the world, my friend.”

To learn this stuff, to finally make the big bucks and have the independence without having to invest a whole bunch of money or buying all these fancy tools and software you may or may not use, Vicks says this training could be your ticket to freedom. After you attend, he’ll try to get you to join his Four Percent coaching program. There are three different levels. The highest, Platinum, which has everything you need, is priced at a thousand bucks a month.

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