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Sabri Suby Review


Sabri Suby was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs to provide for him and his sister. He started his business career with only fifty bucks to his name, got his teeth kicked in for years, and yet, today he runs King Kong, Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency. How’d he do it? What’s his net worth? Find out by reading my Sabri Suby review below.

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At age 16, Sabri got his first job. He sold ink cartridges over the telephone, working out of an old shipping container that was converted into an office. With no air conditioning, Sabri jokes that it was a literal boiler room. He would make three to four hundred cold calls a day. He sucked really really bad at it. So much so that he was given a week to turn things around or he’d be fired.

Whether it was motivation or desperation, Sabri came back the next day a new man. He started approaching sales like a game, and it worked. Three weeks later he was the top salesperson at the company. That led to all sorts of other sales jobs where he sold one-to-one, one-to-many, even the dreaded door-to-door. Mastering that frontline customer conversion was the gateway drug that got Sabri interested in business.

He would go on to launch a handful of different ventures. Some of which he ran into the ground; others he was able to sell for a profit. Eventually he realized that every job and business he had been a part of had the same problem: not enough customers. And at this point, by necessity, he had gotten pretty good at solving that problem. So he decided, why not fill the gap in the marketplace and do it for other businesses?

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That’s how King Kong came about. Today they’ve got a team of more than 70, with clients in 83 different countries who they’ve helped to generate a collective $1.33 billion in sales. The toughest part, Sabri says, is getting them to understand, look, we can make the marketing work, but you have to make the leads work. Sometimes that means following up with each inbound lead a minimum of 12 times.

But whether it’s putting a client back together or delegating critical tasks or general growing pains, Sabri is big on using mental models to deal with these problems effectively. For example, inversion thinking. Say you start a digital marketing agency and your first few clients are unhappy. Instead of asking, “How do I make them happy?” you might ask, “What would I do if my goal were to make them unhappy?” and then do the opposite of that.

Another one of his success secrets is to do anything in your power to remove the chance for human error. Use checklists. Sales scripts. Standard operating procedures. Et cetera. “Because when you’re scaling a business, you’re only as good as your systems,” said Sabri. That, and “spending a disproportionate amount of time doing things that are going to make the cash register ring” are non-negotiables.

Suby has leveraged these principles to turn King Kong into an eight figure brand. In his book, Sell Like Crazy, he elaborates, teaching you how to get as many clients, customers, and sales as you can possibly handle. Now for what you came here to find out: Sabri Suby has a net worth of approximately $7 million dollars. That number will continue to climb and could go up exponentially should ever sell his King Kong agency.

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