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Success With Jeff Baxter Review

Jeff Baxter Laptop Poolside

Jeff Baxter wants to sell you his business in a box, so you can actually enjoy your life. “It’s important to take some time out to just reset,” Jeff says into his iPhone, as he’s out on a trail taking a walk with his son. “Because a lot of times in entrepreneurship, we’re always on the go, always busy, thinking about our next move, thinking about our next project, our next sale. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but, at the end of the day, that can lead to burnout.”

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“So I’m real big on taking out time to rest,” Jeff continues. “To rest my mind, to reset for my mental health. To make sure that, when it comes to actually working on business, I’m not just busy, right? I’m not just sitting there, overwhelmed and full of anxiety. ‘Cause, ya know, as I talked about before, there’s a difference between busyness and business. So, when you’re always on the go, a lot of times you’ll find yourself just busy. Right? Doing a whole lot of nothing. But what you want is to be productive.”

“All right, so, what are the stages of entrepreneurship in order to get to the next level? Learn, do, and teach. So, before I ever had a course, before I ever had a training program, I was actually in the trenches putting in the work, helping businesses with marketing and advertising, right? And then, you know, once I put in at least 10,000 hours worth of mastery and time into that skill set? At that point, that’s when I started teaching other people what I was doing.”

“So that’s the position you wanna get to eventually. But a lot of people try to take shortcuts and come out with training programs just to make a quick buck; and it doesn’t work that way. Because, you know, your students aren’t gonna have great results. You’re gonna get a lot of complaints. Ya gotta be willing to put in the work first and dedicate yourself to mastery. And once you do that, you go from one-on-one to one-to-many. And at that point, that’s when you can really increase your income, okay?”

Marketer Jeff Baxter

Which is why it irks Jeff when he sees students who buy his course and their goal is just to make $100k a year. He thinks that’s selfish. Because, as a digital marketer with a growth mindset, you can achieve infinite scale thanks to the internet (plus smart systems and tools and outsourcing and everything we have at our disposal, right?). So like, why limit yourself? I mean, by the time you factor in expenses and taxes and your own lifestyle, there’s just not enough left to really help anybody else, is there?

“If all you wanna do is make 6-figures,” Jeff rants, “you can’t help out your own family. You can’t help out any of your close friends. Or anyone else who’s in need. The only person you can really help [at that income level] is yourself. So if you’re a true entrepreneur, okay, I want you guys to start thinking and dreaming bigger. All right? Make more so you can give more. And that’s what my courses and training programs and mentoring is designed to help you do. Hence, Success With Jeff Baxter, right?”

As I’ve said in other Jeff Baxter reviews, he’s a likable guy, seems genuine, but I never really hear any specifics about the business model he teaches, which is just running Facebook ads for local businesses. And when I look back through his old blogs and websites and YouTube videos and whatnot, it seems like every few months he kinda just bounced from one thing to the next. One minute he’s the YouTube ads guy, the next he’s talking about credit card stacking. Then it’s creating a coaching program, then it’s back to Facebook ads. So was he really running a profitable agency that whole time?

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