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Misha Wilson Review (Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint)

Mishas Method Official

Misha Wilson has a breakthrough new way to make money online. He calls it Misha’s Method. It’s responsible for more than $15 million dollars in personal sales, he claims. And he’s willing to share it with you, for free, by giving you a digital copy of his book, The Millionaire Breakthrough. The catch? When you sign up, he pitches you a $17 product called Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint. Scroll down for my review.

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Misha Wilson went from twice homeless to Maui multimillionaire. Today, he lives a life most could only dream about. His YouTube ads are almost hypnotic. They suck you in as he recites compelling copy while standing in front of stunning sunsets and crashing waves. Next thing you know, you’ve clicked and entered your email, excited about what you might discover in The Millionaire Breakthrough. But it’s a punch to the gut when, upon opting-in, you’re redirected to a video sales letter for his entry-level product, Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.

Eventually, The Millionaire Breakthrough does make its way to your inbox. You pop it open and cruise through it, hoping Misha redeems himself. He doesn’t. You let out a big sigh when you realize it’s nothing more than a PDF document telling you: go do affiliate marketing. Which isn’t exactly “new.” Nor is it “breakthrough.” Worse, no specific steps were given. Nope, to get the actual how-to, he links you back to his Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint course. If you beat the countdown clock, you’ll save 90%. That brings the price down to just $17. Not bad at all, but in Misha’s ad, he promised this was “100% free, no credit card required.” Ugh.

Is it just me or is Misha’s Method less about becoming a super affiliate and more about baiting desperate people with a bogus book to sell them your tripwire product? And you don’t suppose he has more expensive courses and coaching he tries to upsell you with after that, do you? No, not Misha. He seems super transparent and trustworthy thus far.


I have to wonder if Misha Wilson has made anywhere near $15 million dollars online. And even if he has, how much of that was from affiliate marketing? Any? Or was it all made from misleading marketing funnels, like this one, that culminate in irresistible offers for his own products? (Aka not affiliate marketing?) For example, in his last business, The Super Affiliate Network, Misha markets a handful of digital products ranging from $7 to $297. After that, my guess is, he hits you with pricier programs, workshops, and masterminds.

To Misha’s credit, he does maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Although, as long as you pay the BBB and reply to complaints, I hear you’re pretty much guaranteed an A or better. And, at the time of writing this, it’s worth noting, the three most recent reviews are all only one star, and each of them says they requested a refund and couldn’t get it. It’ll be interesting to see how that listing changes, over time, as he continues to run deceptive ads like this.

My hope is that Misha Wilson is actually a decent guy who just got a little carried away with his marketing. But, as it stands, there’s no way I could recommend anything he’s associated with. Anyone who stretches the truth that much is not someone I would feel comfortable doing business with. For straight talk about a superior side hustle, consider checking out the link below.

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