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Supreme Ecom Mentorship Review, Price

Reach Ecommerce Success

This dude AC Hampton says he’s an eight-figure marketer. Already, I’m annoyed. Like, what does that even mean? How much of that was profit? What is your net worth? How much money do you have, liquid, in your bank account right now? And what percentage of that is not from selling courses and coaching? You know what I mean? When you get to the bottom of it, guarantee this guy’s not as rich as he seems; and the money he does have is from selling you the dream.

Speaking of which, AC has this brand, Supreme E-com, where the dream is for sale. Bentleys and bottle service, right? Just apply for his 1-on-1 mentorship. “That’s where my team and I have been able to help many students from across the world to learn how to build a passive income with ecommerce,” AC says. “Right off the bat, I wanna tell you that ecom is not for everyone. I only wanna work with the most interested and ready-to-learn people. If that’s you, here’s what you can expect from this experience.”

“This is a 60-day mentorship that can be extended past the 60 days [for even more money, I’m sure] if you’re wanting to continue your learning,” he continues. “You’ll get two to four calls per week, depending on which package you want. Calls are offered Monday through Sunday. Each of your calls will be on Zoom. We’ll be on there live, sharing screens, looking over your ads, helping you make executive decisions on your product validation, helping you set up your Shopify store, breaking down the metrics, and so on.”

They’ll also give you live chat support. That way, even when you’re not on those Zooms, if you get stuck, you can reach out and get the help you need. On top of the personal coaching and daily support, you’ll get access to AC’s Blueprint 2.0 course. Meaning, you get to watch AC tell you the same things he already told you on YouTube for free, but since it’s password protected I’m sure it’ll feel more special. I like how he keeps saying how amazing this is ’cause it’s 1-on-1, not group coaching. Buuut.

AC Hampton Bentley

It’s not 1-on-1 coaching with AC. It’s someone he’s hired to do these calls. Think about that. How much money could they possibly be making with Shopify dropshipping if they have to work for AC for $17 an hour? Wouldn’t they be busy making millions with their stores if they had mastered this business? Assuming AC has made any significant amount of money from dropshipping (I personally don’t, but let’s just pretend), sure, I see the value in hiring him to hold your hand, look over your work, help you tweak this and optimize that. Right?

But that’s not what you’re getting. Imagine paying big bucks to go spend the day with Gary Vee and when you get there, alls you get to do is hang out with his secretary all day. I’m not trying to tear this kid down, it just seems like the mentorship should be with AC and only AC. But no. “There are nine of us in this company, and all nine of us are here to give you the top notch service, expertise, tips, and strategies tailored straight to you and your learning style,” AC explains.

Then he says how every employee has gone through his mentorship previously and they’re the cream of the crop. Again, if they were killing it with dropshipping, why would they need a j-o-b? Makes no sense. But if you can look past that, AC promises, they stay on the cutting-edge, they’re equipped to help you succeed, and they’ve got your back. You’ll always know the next step to take. No question will go unanswered. Beginner or advanced, this is for you. What’s it cost? Anywhere from $3k to $8k, according to Reddit.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.