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Tiffany And Josh High Review (Results Driven)

Tiff And Josh Skyline

Josh and Tiffany High started investing in real estate back in 2015. They began buying rentals and doing fix and flips. In their first year, they did over 40 deals. But after losing $106,000 on a flip, they pivoted to wholesaling. Year two, they wholesaled 165 deals. Year three, over 300. And it’s been 300+ a year ever since. Tiffany and Josh leverage their corporate training backgrounds to build strong systems and recruit, onboard, motivate, and lead their teams effectively.

And that’s where most people struggle. They hire the wrong people. Or the right people but they don’t have processes and/or proper management in place. So you’re in survival mode. Everything’s a grind. Finances are a mess. You’re spending every dollar you make. You resent your team. You dread each day. Some investors will get past that stage. They’ll get one or two decent employees. Improve their marketing. Start tracking their metrics. Now they’re doing more deals and belief is building.

Fewer still will hit the next level. Where you’re grooming leaders in your organization. You’re creating infrastructure. Things are being run like a real company. Finances are improving. Right? And then like the top one or two percent will reach growth mode. Where you’re recruiting leaders, you’ve got duplicatable systems, diverse marketing, a stable team that can run the business without you, and a whole lot more money coming into your bank account each and every month. Which is where Josh and Tiffany are at now.

So how do you get there? Build the foundation. You need a simple, customizable CRM. You need a phone system that tracks and organizes and streamlines your acquisition process. You wanna have marketing campaigns that hit as many profitable channels as possible. Direct mail, PPC, MLS offers, networking, Facebook, cold calling, SEO, etc. You should be tracking KPIs. You’re constantly looking for new team members who fit your core values, who’re coachable, hungry for success, already doing personal development.

Josh High Sunset

One of the things that’s worked well for Tiffany and Josh is offering a $5,000 referral bonus for anyone who sends ’em a rockstar employee they end up hiring. That gets paid out over time as the new hire hits certain milestones. You can also just Google something like “sales recruiting companies,” and try out some of those. For virtual assistants, check out InvestorVAs.com. Either way, each candidate is screened with a 30-minute phone interview. If they’re a good fit, next is a 15-minute Zoom interview. Then an in-person interview at the office. Then a team happy hour just to make sure they mesh with everyone.

“The other thing is you don’t just tell these people, ‘Here’s a script and you get 10% commission,'” Tiffany says. “You need to outline a career path for every person you bring on. Most people are looking for a job because they feel like, wherever they’re at currently, they’re capped for growth. So we need to let them know: ‘You start off as a call specialist, you go to closer, senior closer, then team lead. Here’s the pay structure. Here’s exactly how you get there.’ We have a team bonus as well. The faster they hit it, the faster they get paid.”

Man, Tiffany and Josh and their whole Results Driven brand—it’s all super boring stuff. But I s’pose that’s why it’s super necessary to learn if you wanna build a big REI company like them. If so, there’s a few ways they can help. They’ve got The Virtual Group, an online coaching program that costs $1,000. Or a Two Day Workshop, where you go to their office and shadow them. Or a six-month mentorship called Small Group. Book a call for pricing on the last two. As for me, I’ll stick with digital real estate. No team, no office, no worries. See below.

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