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Dropshipping Titans Review (Paul J Lipsky)


Paul J Lipsky will help you become a successful eBay dropshipper. The former attorney turned online marketer has spent years perfecting his dropshipping formula. It’s efficient, semi-passive, and most of all, profitable. It works for average people. Just like you. You don’t need any previous experience. You won’t have to mess with inventory. And you don’t need a website. Can you trust him? Should you buy his course? You’re about to find out. Scroll down for my Dropshipping Titans review.

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Paul admits he was a big dork growing up. Total Star Wars nerd. But he did well in school and even better in college. He got into law school, graduated top of his class, and passed the bar exam in two different states. Problem was, once he began working as a lawyer her wan’t happy. So he got online and looked for a way out. eBay dropshipping caught his attention. After struggling early on, he got the hang of it.

In Paul’s first year in business, he did just shy of seven hundred thousand in revenue. He was able to log in to his PayPal account and show proof. He appears to have students getting good results as well. When you get the system down, he says, you’ll see just how simple the whole process is. It can change your life as it did his, but only if you’re willing to meet him halfway and put in the work.

eBay drop shipping lets you sell physical products on the internet without holding any inventory. You list products on your eBay store for more than you can order them from elsewhere. When someone buys something, you go to a site like Walmart or Amazon or Home Depot, purchase it for less, have them ship it directly to the customer, pocket the difference. No need to buy a bunch of product up front or pay for branding, labeling, packaging, shipping, or even marketing (since eBay has built-in buyers).

Paul J Lipsky

Paul shares three secrets to success. Secret number one is that starting your own internet business doesn’t have to be complicated. Model what’s already working. On that note, secret two is that you should only list for sale products that you know are already selling well. Paul has a way of identifying top sellers on eBay. In this business, data wins. Secret three is that you must automate with software and outsource in order to grow.

The Dropshipping Titans course can assist. It comes with Paul’s Tested Titan Strategies, which is a series of on demand video tutorials; customer service scripts, so you always know what to say when someone reaches out on eBay; his top profit hacks, so you can maximize margins; a private mentoring group; a list of ninety-four profitable items; coupon codes to the software you’ll need; and a Banggood course.

How much does eBay Dropshipping Titans cost? It’s a one-time fee of two hundred and ninety-seven bucks. It comes with a thirty day no questions asked money-back guarantee. It all sounds good, but why eBay? Does anyone even use that site anymore? Why not focus dropship on Amazon or Walmart? Wouldn’t they have exponentially more buyers? I would have liked to hear more about the advantages of eBay, specifically, in Paul’s presentation.

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