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Chance And Abdul On Why Modern Millionaires Is Different

Abdul Samad Wake Surfing

Abdul Samad says not many people take the time to draw out a timeline for their success. But if you do, and you’re honest, it’s gonna look like a roller coaster with an overall upwards trend. You’re going to peak, run into a problem, go down, climb up even higher, peak, problem, down, back up even higher, and on and on. What happens if you never truly solve the problem though? Well then your graph will look a lot different. It’ll be more of a flat line.

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If you don’t problem solve effectively, you live the same day over and over again. You continue making the same mistakes. You may not have as many lows, but at the same time, you won’t have the higher highs either. “That’s what an entrepreneur is,” Chance chimes in, “is a problem solver. Someone who figures it out, moves forward, and experiences growth. And as more problems come up, you get better and better at handling them. That’s why Abdul and I will never be broke; we can solve problems.”

One thing that bothers Abdul about the coaching industry is that so many of these so-called gurus are launching courses when they’ve never even built a successful digital marketing agency themselves. Maybe they got lucky and got a client or two, but that’s about it. They’ve never grown it, never had to weather any storms. How could they possibly be qualified to teach others? And yet, sure enough, as soon as they start enrolling students, they close down their agency and earn one hundred percent of their money selling the course.

“Both Chance and I have agencies that do a couple million a year,” Abdul says. “And what we’ve found is that the quality of your product really matters. That’s why we spent so much time providing the highest quality of content inside our Modern Millionaires program. A lot of work went into that. Not just in filming the videos, but all the years of growing our own agencies. Same goes for our other coaches who help out. We’re all practitioners, we all run successful marketing agencies.”


Chances adds, “We continue to learn lessons that we implement into the course, as we update it month after month. That way, our students aren’t out there making these expensive mistakes. You know, we’ve been doing this four, almost five years now, and it’s really taken away a lot of the guesswork for our members. ‘Cause they can just get in and follow the system and they’re able to just go out there and make ten, twenty, thirty K a month pretty quickly; a lot of students do that within their first six months.”

In addition, you’re getting mentoring from two guys who’ve dedicated the better part of the last decade to becoming the very best version of themselves. Abdul-two-point-oh, as he calls it. Both he and Chance have become better leaders, public speakers, strategists, they have a clear vision of where they’re going, more empathy for their students. They embrace discomfort, they don’t back down from critics and cynics who call their course a scam or say it’s grossly overpriced. Their belief is unshakeable.

Abdul and Chance now have a few different ways you can work with them. Their Officeless Agency Masterclass costs less than ten bucks and gives you the CliffsNotes of their online billboards business model. Their flagship program, of course, is Modern Millionaire, which costs seven grand and comes with support and live weekly coaching calls. Then there’s a higher level mastermind and done-with-you program that costs upwards of thirty K. Follow Chance and Abdul on social media to learn more.

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