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Wealth Accelerators Automation Review (Trucking)

Wealth Accelerators Global LLC

Trucking Accelerators has a new Facebook ad that caught my eye. Not every day you get pitched a “start your own trucking business” side hustle, right? So here’s what the guy in the aviator glasses had to say: “Trucking automation is the Wealth Accelerator’s newest business model. We’re expanding our trucking fleet rapidly and we’re looking for partners who want to team up. How exactly does the business work? Pretty simple guys.” Scroll down for my Automate Trucking review.

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Apparently they get a truck for you, put a driver in it, get it registered with the DOT, do all the inspections, maintenance, and all of that stuff. Then they’ll even broker the freight and get it on the road. It’s a passive, hands-off business model that anyone can do. Yes, even you. Even if you don’t know the first thing about trucking. Hmm. Too good to be true? Like, what would they need you for at this point? I went and checked out their video sales letter to see what the deal was.

And here’s what Wealth Accelerators owner, Mike Sancho, had to say about it: “What this offer is, guys, is the ability for you to actually own a semi-truck on the road that is fully managed by our team. And what we do for you is we staff that truck with a driver for you, we get the truck registered with the department of transportation, we handle all of the inspections and maintenance, and then we broker the freight for you. This is one of several different multi-million dollar businesses I’ve built.”

It’s a way for Mike to help solve the lack of passive income problem plaguing the masses. Simply put, most people’s monthly expenses outpace any return they’e getting on investments. Tucking automation can change that, and not many people know about it so it’s not vey competitive. The benefits speak for themselves. No time commitment on your part, zero work required, enjoy truly passive income. Just sit back, relax, and collect a check each month, assuming Mike is to be believed.


Okay, so say you sign up, fork over however much money Mike’s asking for, they get you a truck, a driver, a load that needs hauled somewhere, everything’s on the up and up. How much can you expect to make? Well, your cut will be fifty percent of the net profit. So after all expenses are paid for (gas, tolls, insurance, payroll, hotel fees, truck lot, dispatch fee, et cetera), whatever’s left, you’ll get half and Wealth Accelerators will take the other half. Based on the examples Mike shows, that could be anywhere from five to ten K a month in your pocket.

“So if you want us to manage a trucking business for you in order to gain passive income, it’s very easy,” Mike says. “All you have to do is fill out an application on Automate Trucking dot com and book a time to speak with our team, okay? But just so you’re aware, there’s a limited amount of trucking packages that we’re gonna sell, so if you do not get in, you will miss out. You won’t be able to get the passive income results this model offers, all right? So keep that in mind.”

No mention of what your up-front investment would be. And he never really addresses the elephant in the room: why cut you in on it if they’ve already got all the hard stuff figured out? I’m guessing it’s pretty expensive to get a new truck on the road, and this is their way of bypassing business loans? That would make sense I suppose. But if it were me, I’d rather borrow the money and keep a hundred percent of the profit over the long-term. To each their own. Only other question I’d have is how long till you could expect a return on your investment?

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