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True Trader Review (Dan Parker)


Dan Parker is the pitchman for TrueTrader.net. He has a YouTube ad where he says he just crashed his BMW M3. But he’s not worried. Why? Because, within 15 minutes of the stock market being open, he made enough money to buy two of those cars. “I’ve refined one strategy over the last 10 years that allows me to make a consistent income Monday through Friday in the first hour of the market opening, day trading stocks,” he explains.

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As the ad rolls on, Dan points out that he does the opposite of what everybody else does. Instead of buying at highs and selling at lows, he shorts highs and buys lows. He invites you to attend a free one hour day trading video course which leads to an offer for their flagship program, TrueTrader Essentials Plan 2021. It includes courses on stocks, options, psychology, and risk management, as well as support via live streams, chats, text alerts, and more.

The True Trader Essentials Plan 2021 costs $695 to sign up. You then get two months of unlimited access to all the trainings and tools for free. After that, it’s $149 per month. The True Trader motto is “work to live.” Rather than being chained to your computer all day, they’ll teach you how to profit within the first 60 minutes of the opening bell, so you can get on with your life.

Despite their over the top ads, I actually like this offer by True Trader. It’s affordable. Comprehensive. There’s no crazy income claims. They’ve got a 4.69 (out of five star) rating on the Better Business Bureau. A 4.7 (out of five star) rating on Trustpilot. And dozens of video testimonials from current members. The main complaint I found was that it caters more to newbie traders than intermediate or advanced. Scroll down.

True Trader Reddit

“I’d say True Trader is a good professional group, but for beginners,” wrote Sean Higgins on Trustpilot. “They have a lot of great content, though some of it can be difficult to find. The chat rooms are pretty friendly, but do not expect any kind of special treatment if you buy the course and discover absolutely nothing new. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in the markets, and I can honestly say I didn’t pick up anything useful from this. So… bye bye, money. It was worth the risk for me, but ultimately, it’s only a course I’d recommend to a beginner looking to stay with a specific group for years.”

Overall, if you’re interested in learning how to day trade in a time-efficient manner, the True Trader Essentials Plan 2021 is certainly worth your consideration. My only objection would be the model itself. Who knows what the real number is, but several sources online claimed that less than 1% of day traders come out ahead. I don’t understand why you’d pursue something with such abysmal odds.

Instead, you could throw any extra money you have each month into an Index Fund that mimics the S&P 500, hold for the long-term, and almost guarantee, what, an 8% return? Or, if that’s too boring, do what I do: go all-in on a company you believe in, like Apple. Which I’ve already doubled my money on. Most importantly, I spend all my time trying to boost my monthly income running a business with a much higher success rate. For details, click below.

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