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Anton Kraly: Ya Gotta Get These 2 Things Right

Anton 2 Tips

Drop Ship Lifestyle founder Anton Kraly says business really comes down to two things. One is, you have to have happy customers. How do you do that? Well, you deliver on what you promised them when they purchased. Ideally, you don’t stop there; you go way beyond and give ’em even more than you advertised. Also, you have to be responsive. So if somebody has a question or concern post-sale, you address it right away (in a way that satisfies them).

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“So that’s step one,” Anton explains. “Without that, nothing else really matters. If we can’t consistently generate happy customers? Then it’s not gonna last. Now, once that’s dialed in, the second thing is we need to make money. How do we make money? We sell, okay? Any business owner, no matter what business you’re in, you sell to make money. In my flagship course, Drop Ship Blueprint, I teach you how to influence prospects, collect emails, and convert leads into buyers.”

“I show you how we follow up with people that are bounced visits,” he continues. “People that are leaving without buying. I show you how we follow up with abandoned carts so that people come back and buy. I show you how we create bonus offers; how to exploit your competitors’ weaknesses so we can sell more; how we accept financing; how we talk to shoppers and turn them into customers; how we spy on our visitors; and pretty much the best of what we do to get people to buy, right?”

“Then let’s come down a little further in the modules, to Module 6, which is on getting more traffic to your store. Again, this is a big portion of the Drop Ship Blueprint. I show you how to build ecommerce sales funnels; how we get free traffic we can sell to; how we use Google Shopping to sell; how we use Microsoft ads to sell; how to use Bing and Facebook and Instagram to sell. There’s SEO, influencer marketing, creating promotions, squeezing more money outta your email list, et cetera.”

Kraly Talks Ecom

All of the above’s important, it’s how ya make money as a dropshipper. It’s a constant fight for the next sale. You can’t just launch one TikTok ad, send people to your Shopify store, cross your fingers and hope it works out. ‘Cause it won’t. Believe it or not, people have other things they wanna do online; buying from you isn’t a top priority. So you have to stay on ’em, follow ’em from site to site, always be showing up in their inbox, gently nudging them back over to the checkout page, according to Anton.

And the average dropshipper doesn’t do any of that, they’re too one-dimensional, which is why they don’t make any money. Some are that way just because they’re lazy. They don’t wanna figure out all that techie stuff, let alone deal with the monotony of setting it all up and writing all those emails and making all those ads, ya know? Others are willing to do it but something else stops ’em in their tracks. They’re actually scared of annoying people with retargeting ads and email follow-ups.

“But if you’re a business owner,” Anton preaches, “it is your responsibility to let people know about your products, your promotions; to market it to your leads and customers (who may buy again). It’s honestly just a mindset shift. Maybe you’re someone who hates being sold to. I get it. But you need to flip the way you think.” This is why, I s’pose, you can’t go anywhere online without Anton here, smirking at you from a banner ad or yelling at you in a YouTube ad about how nobody understands dropshipping but him. Man, I disagree though. I think you can build a business without spamming people.

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