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Reviewing Ryan Pineda’s Tykes NFT

Tykes NFT Launch

Future Flipper founder Ryan Pineda says he’s changing real estate forever. “My goal with this new Tykes NFT is to build the very best community for digital real estate,” he says. “This has everything to do with the metaverse, with NFT’ing houses, fractionalizing real estate, putting chains of title on the blockchain, and much more. And along with building this community focused on all those things, I’m gonna be providing some real world perks as well.”

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What else should you know about Tykes? Well, for starters, what does the name even mean? Tykes is short for digital tycoon. Ryan’s sick of seeing Wall Street and old money dominate real estate. All the rules and regulations have led to them owning almost everything. Sure, the average person can flip a few houses, do some wholesaling, have a handful of buy and holds, but they’ll probably never reach tycoon status with traditional real estate investing. Digitally, however? It’s a different story.

“You see, all these big players are good with the status quo,” Ryan explains. “They’ve already established their riches, and the government and the system is designed to see them continue that. But all of these technological changes are happening so fast with crypto that they’re not gonna be able to stop what is happening in the digital real estate space. And so for us, it’s literally the opportunity of a lifetime to get in early on what will one day be a multi-trillion dollar industry. We’re the next wave of digital tycoons.”

Make sense. But I still don’t really get the actual purpose of this project. “For me, I wanna build the premiere mastermind for digital real estate,” Ryan says. “I wanna get members who are going to invest, build, and collaborate on these businesses that are going to shape the industry of digital real estate. I truly believe there’s gonna be tons of big deals, partnerships, and joint ventures that are done within the Tykes community. People wanna learn more about the metaverse and NFTs; this is where they’ll do it.”

Couch Flipper Ryan Pineda

Still, how does Ryan know this whole digital real estate thing’s actually gonna go anywhere? “Well as somebody that’s made their career in real-life real estate, I can tell you that it is the biggest industry ready for disruption,” Ryan says. “Almost every single aspect of real estate is archaic. This includes how we transfer ownership, how we build homes, how syndication works, the list goes on and on. There are infinite opportunities to utilize the blockchain and NFTs in order to take real estate to a whole ‘nother level.”

“Plus, all these people that have crypto and don’t wanna liquidate it or put it into the traditional banking system,” Ryan adds, “have no way to get exposure to real estate currently. But that’s changing. Now you can have shares of a fund, for example, as an NFT, and you can sell it on the open market whenever the right time is. Point is, with syndication and NFTs, you’re gonna have a lot more flexibility and it’s going to make a market that was otherwise illiquid much more liquid. So it’ll attract more money and digital real estate prices will rise because of it.”

“Also, there’s gonna be a huge demand for land in the metaverse because of all the different ways you can monetize those eyeballs. Digital real estate’s gonna be enormous and I wanna be at the forefront of it. So what type of people do I want in the Tykes community? People who can add their own unique talents. Operators, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, content creators, anybody who can help the community grow.” Hmm. To me, sounds like Tykes is a Discord channel Ryan will use to make himself much more wealthy.

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