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Vintage Flip Academy Review

Jessie With Wife

Jessie and Tina Rodriguez used to host a show on HGTV called Vintage Flip. Now they wanna share their secrets so you can kickstart your house flipping business in the next 60 days inside their brand new course, Vintage Flip Academy.

Jessie and Tina met in college, dated for seven years, got hitched. 

Jessie was working in the mortgage business. Tina had gotten her masters and was all set be a marriage and family therapist. 

They hadn’t gotten any handouts, that’s for sure. Jessie’s parents were immigrants from Cuba. Tina’s folks were working class people. If anything, they grew up with plastic spoons in their mouths.

“So we went to college,” Jessie says. “Our goal was to get good jobs. My real estate career on the mortgage side was doing really well. We bought our first house – it was actually pretty nice – and the market just crashed.”

Wiped out. Donezo.

Jessie was blowing through their savings trying to keep food on the table, all while lying to Tina about the financial sinkhole they were caught up in.

“But the market was falling so fast, I just couldn’t keep up with it,” Jessie admits. “We had no money left. I had to tell Tina: We gotta sell the house or get out of it.”

In the six months they had lived in it, the value had plummeted by $150,000. They had no choice but to do a short sale on it.

Jessie was wallowing in self-pity, feeling less valuable than a used lottery ticket. He’d flopped, disappointed his wife, and couldn’t bear to look her parents in the eye. “Why’s our sweet girl hitched to this train wreck?” they were probably thinking.

Funny enough, they all supported him and were surprisingly positive about the whole situation. But those were his feelings, and he couldn’t escape them.

“I should’ve known better,” he reflects. “I had a good job, and that was my responsibility.”

Tina chimes in. “We were so young,” she says. “We had no idea something like that could happen; that you could lose everything so fast.”

Jessie With Wife

They may have hit rock bottom, but they were in for a big bounce.

“We rebuilt our company to 10 times what it was before,” Jessie says.

“Through hard work and dedication, we started selling real estate. We started buying houses. We got into rentals and then flips. Construction company. Then of course, the TV show,” he adds.

“It’s crazy,” Tina laughs. “Here we are, 35 years old, with our own show on HGTV. We’re nobody. We’re no different than anyone else in this world. And we’re not special.”

When the show got pulled after two seasons, Jessie and Tina wanted to continue helping people. They were inspired by all the emails and DMs they got. “You changed my life.” “I did my first flip because of you.”

So they kept sharing their journey on social media. Deals they were doing. The ups and downs of being self-employed. Juggling kids. Life outside of work. Whatever their followers wanted to see.

And now they’re launching their coaching program.

“I always knew I wanted to start a real estate investment club where I’m teaching people how to invest in real estate,” Jessie says. “You know, where members can learn online but also come to our office in person.”

Granted, it’s a big responsibility. All those people counting on you to lead them to the promised land. But Jessie figured: Tina counts on me, the kids count on me, we have 10 employees and 20 real estate agents who count on us – I’ve got this.

And so, yeah, here we are.

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