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StartVirtual Review (Pace Morby)

1955 S Val Vista Dr

Pace Morby hangs out with Grant Cardone one time and this is what happens? He starts selling ev-a-ree-thing?! Like, now he’s got a VA business? What’s next, jars of real estate farts, bottled by his bestie Jamil?

In Pace’s latest Facebook ad, he brags that it’s the middle of the week, middle of the day, and he’s taking his girls to tumbling class. 

Boy, he seems really in the moment as his cameraman films the three of them walking in. 

I’m sure Pace is a great dad and loves those adorable little girls to death, but it’s sad that he’s using them as props to pitch his new Start Virtual company.

The video ad cuts to Pace in his home office where he announces, “But, I still bought four new pieces of real estate today.”

That’s right, Pace is able to put family first (debatable, if everything you do with your family is filmed and used as content), travel around the country, and basically do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, because he’s got a team of virtual assistants holding down the biz for him.

They generate all of his leads, he claims. They follow up with them. They take ’em through the conversion process. And basically bring him contracts that he can either wholesale, fix and flip, list on the market, or turn into long-term rentals.

Okay, but lemme play devil’s advocate for a sec.

Does it even matter if Pace has VAs? I mean, he’s got thousands of students from his Subto and Gator Lending courses, who have each invested over $7,000, that bring him deals on the daily anydamnway.

Plus he’s hosed down the internet with Reels and Shorts and Lives and podcasts; and he had that A&E show, Triple Digit Flip; and he speaks on stages with all the other real estate d-bags; and now you can’t go anywhere online without seeing one of his ads, can you?

Here’s my point.

You’re not Pace Morby. You don’t have his momentum, or his connections, or the millions of dollars he’s making off coaching (to fall back on), or the diversification of lead sources he’s masterfully built up over the last decade or so.

So if he’s about to say: Just hire some VAs and you’ll be sitting courtside at Lakers games in no time? Yeeeah, I’m not buying that.

Pace Without Hat

“Time is the most valuable thing ever,” Pace preaches. “And so my team, essentially, they wanna help you figure out where you’re wasting time.”

“Where is your highest and best use of your time?” he continues. “I can tell you it’s not cold calling. I can tell you it’s not doing following up. I can tell you at some point it’s not even doing acquisitions. When we speak with you, we’ll come up with a score or some sorta metric that’ll tell you where you should be spending your time.”

And then, I’m guessing, pay StartVirtual to offload the rest.

Today, thanks to virtual assistants, Pace and his wife Laura can accomplish in a month what used to take them five years when they were wearing all the (peace sign) hats.

And they’re so not involved in the day-to-day. A phone call here, a Zoom meeting there, but that’s about it, Pace promises.

Then he walks outside and shows off the 27-foot Airstream travel trailer he and his family are about to go tour the country in.

“I’m gonna go make memories with my kids in here,” he states.

“And my business is going to continue to operate. Because I figured out what we wanna help you figure out: how to get things off my plate that I shouldn’t be focusing on, so I could go focus on the correct and proper things. I’m so passionate about this conversation. You need to have this conversation with me and my team,” he ends with.

But there are some unanswered questions.

Where are these VAs located? Who trains ’em? What’s an average hourly rate? How much is Pace and company taking off the top? How much should you be making per month before hiring your first VA?

I guess you’ll find out on the sales call.

The timing of this launch is interesting given AI just burst onto the scene. Aren’t tools like ChatGPT capable of doing most VA jobs already? And for free?

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.