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Meet Kevin Issues Ugly Warning To Everyone

Meet Kevin Government

Stocks and crypto are crashing and housing’s next, warns influencer Meet Kevin. Oh, and the unemployment rate’s about to go up too. And everything’s stupid-expensive and that’s gonna take some time for the Fed to resolve. And they can’t really resolve it without making everything worse. So yeah. Not good. “But how should you prepare yourself?” Kevin says in his latest YouTube video. “Well folks, first things first, you gotta ask yourself this question every single day.”

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“‘Do I really need to buy this on Amazon? Do I really need to spend this money?’ I really hate to say it but I’ve been pitching this argument for like six months now,” Kevin continues. “It is time to get frugal. And I also hate to say it but the more you get frugal, the more likely we actually go into a recession. But, you need to look out for yourself. Honestly, we need a president, and this is not Democrat or Republican, this is straight up, in the middle, fact.”

“We need a president who comes out right now and says, ‘Folks, we’re probably going to go into a recession. But it’s not that big of a deal as long as you survive it. By saving money, making sure that your job is secure or having a backup plan if it isn’t. You have a backup plan for another job, you’re preparing another skill, you’re going to your boss and asking how you can provide more value during this recession.’ But yikes, okay. You need to prepare. And we need a president who says the same thing.”

“A recession doesn’t have to be that big of a deal. But it’s all of the other things that go along with a recession that are a big deal. We’ve got asset values plummeting, the potential for job loss, and if you lose your job at the same time as being in debt? And Congress is not providing any stimmys? Like that’s bad for your financial well-being. Terrible, right? That’s very very bad. So again, be prepared. Save cash, slow down spending, do what you can to get outta debt, stay strong.”

Meet Kevin Tesla

“Pay pay pay pay, pay that debt down,” Kevin says. “It’s much better than doing anything else. Even paying debt down before investing. Like, you pay your debt down and you have a stable job? At least you could be set up to go buy real estate. Don’t get so distracted by stocks right now. Focus on no debt; that way your debt-to-income ratio’s strong. And, think about it, what could you do to get certifications? Be a certified financial analyst, coding bootcamps, I don’t care, get a real estate license, right?”

“Become a CPA. The best time to start is in a crash. It’s the hardest time. If you can make it in a crash, and start out in a crash? You can make it in the good times as well. Be a survivor. So so important right now.” Some damn-good advice from the prolific YouTuber, Mr. Meet Kevin. Does that dude ever sleep? How does he study all this stuff and cut all these videos and still do daily live streams for all his paid programs? It’s nuts. But anyways, I’d underscore what he said about skill acquisition.

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