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The Contracting Blueprint Review (Wes Fisher)


Wes Fisher will show you how to start a government contracting business without doing any of the work. Say what now? Before doing this, Wes was a school teacher for eight years, working with kids with autism and other special needs. In the summers, for extra money, he’d flip pallets and take odd jobs at amusement parks and whatnot. But not no more. Wes “retired” at 34. He now has over $1 million in contracts under management.

Wes gets to travel all over the world. The Bahamas, Dubai, catching a Lakers game, then heading to NYC. All while building this 7-figure business. With government contracting, as long as you’ve got your laptop, you’re good to go. But like anything, there’s a right and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way? Start a company from scratch. Do all the work yourself. Don’t leverage your time. The right way? Just be a middleman. A concierge service for the government, basically.

Government says, “Yo, I need a window cleaner.” You say, “I got you.” Government says, “Now we need someone to clean these air ducts at a facility in Las Vegas.” You say, “Bro, I got you.” And so on and so forth, right? You take the check from the government, hire out the work for less than what they paid you, keep the difference. Rinse and repeat. Cool thing about this is, you can work in pretty much any industry. Snow removal, aquarium maintenance, rental trucks, porta potties, you get the idea.

And no, you don’t have to know diddly squat about any of this stuff. You don’t need to be onsite. You just need to get the contracts and outsource the fulfillment. You will need your own LLC. And subsequently, an employee identification (EIN) number. Once you’ve got that, you’ll go to Sam.gov and register your business. After that, you’re ready to bid on 6- and 7-figure government contracts. You don’t need a website or startup capital or amazing credit or any kinda special skills or certifications or degrees.

Submit More Offers Challenge

Worried about saturation? Don’t be, Wes says. There’s about 97,000 contract opportunities posted daily on Sam.gov. Janitorial, lawn care, fire suppression, elevator maintenance, so many different things. And again, location doesn’t matter. Now. For reference, in the last year and a half Wes has been doing this, he’s only won something like 13 contracts. So it ain’t like you coming in and landing a few’s gonna take food off Wes’s table. The government’s a trillion dollar industry, so there’s plenty of pie for everybody.

Anyways, once you have a contract you think you wanna bid on, now you gotta Google subcontractors in that area who service elevators (or whatever it is) and get a quote from them. Now go submit your bid. Tell the government your price, your past performance, and how you plan on doing the job. Which, those last two might trip you up, right? Nope, Wes says. Because, guess what? The government allows you to assume the past performance and qualifications of your subcontractors. In other words, you just borrow their street cred.

If you’re dedicated, able to take direction, and dying to win your first contract sooner rather than later, Wes has a mentorship program you can apply for. It’s called The Contracting Blueprint. He’s already got students inside, winning contracts in as little as a month or two. No mention of cost. Book a call to learn more. What I would wanna know more about: how many contracts do you have to bid on, on average, to actually win one? ‘Cause I wouldn’t wanna be a professional proposal submitter with no jobs to show for it.

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