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7 Winning Dropshipping Products For 2023

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Ecommerce Empire Builders frontman, Peter Pru, just announced seven top-selling products every drop shipper needs to take a hard look at for 2023 and beyond. All of ’em are already proven winners and have fast shipping times. “These are perfect for those of you who are just getting started on your dropshipping journey, trying to learn this whole process, and make your first dollars online,” Peter says. “All right, so let’s get right into it.”

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The first one, which he found on CJDropshipping.com, is basically a reusable water balloon. “It just has that cool factor,” Peter explains. “It immediately caught my attention. This is definitely a winning product, right outta the gate. Also, it’s really really cheap, at about $2.20 per unit. You could do a free plus shipping offer on this one. Or just a deep discount offer, which typically converts a lot better and comes with a lot less headaches just with people commenting on your ads and stuff.”

The second winning dropshipping product Peter suggests looking into is actually more of a niche: the survival niche. “When we’re in uncertain times, guys, the survival niche just absolutely goes crazy,” he says. “Just like when the pandemic started; survival products, you couldn’t even purchase them. And that’s what we’re seeing right now. Products in this space are trending up ’cause everybody’s kinda nervous about what’s going on. You could just throw up a store with a ton of these products in it.”

A third product Peter likes, especially for the summer months of 2023, is this LED mosquito killer lamp. But in marketing such a product, he adds, it’s important to show people how it’ll save ’em money. Like, “Hey, you’re spending $6-, $7-, $8 a month on all your bug sprays and repellants and candles and whatnot, right? And you have to do that every year, so it really starts to add up. But when you buy our product, it’s just a one-time payment of $16 and it comes with a lifetime warranty.”

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Product four is an outdoor shower bath brush for washing pets. It solves a major problem. “You’ve got a big dog, you take it for a walk, it rolls around in the dirt, sniffs some poop, puts a dead bird in its mouth; by the time you get back, ole Bella needs a bath, right? But you hate giving her a bath inside ’cause it wreaks havoc on your bathroom. And outside, sure, you could use a hose, but you still need soap and it’s messy and water’s spraying everywhere, right? Well, not anymore. Introducing Bella’s new bath brush.”

“Moving on to our next drop shipping product, product number five,” Peter says, “and this is in the crystal healing niche. Which is basically a legendary niche. This is one of the hottest niches out there right now. I don’t even know what it is really, but there are so many winning products in it. Earrings, necklaces, or something someone can just sit on their desk. Does a product like this save time and money? Not really, but it does have that gotta-have-it factor. So lean into that with a product like this.”

Sixth is a giant floatie in the shape of a beer mug, that you can fill up with ice and a bunch of adult beverages and use at the next pool party. A little seasonal, sure, but a great way for a newbie drop shipper to start making some sales mid-year. Seventh and final, Peter says, is a travel folding stool. Think: collapsable chair you could take hiking, camping, or to the beach. Again, might not save time or money, but a video ad demonstrating a product like this would convert great when targeting outdoorsy peeps.

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