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Justin Woll Reviews: What BSF Students Are Saying


Justin Woll talks a big game, shows off his cars, his ClickFunnels plaques, but can he back it up? Are any of his BeyondSixFigures members getting results? Let’s ask them. I’ll start with the good and make my way to the bad. First up, Bianca. “Justin Woll’s program changed my life like you wouldn’t believe,” she said in a testimonial video. “I started my ecommerce business about a year ago. And I spent like $6,000 on two other programs and some Facebook ads.”

“And I had nothing to show for it,” Bianca continued. “So when I came across Justin’s program, I thought it was gonna be like the other ones. You know, like, I’m just gonna pay a lot of money and not get any results. But I said, ‘I’m not giving up. I wanna do this.’ So I took a leap of faith and I am so happy I did. Justin holds nothing back. His course goes behind the scenes and shows you what the big money people are doing. I got to $1,000 a day in like three weeks. I couldn’t believe it.”

Then there’s Andy, who said, “With Justin’s crazy scaling techniques, I’ve been able to achieve a $5,000 day with my Shopify store. That’s $5k in one day. Just incredible. As far as my overall results, in the last six months of being mentored by Justin, I’ve done $72,000. Can you believe that? Without his help, no way would I have been able to achieve such a crazy number. I can’t wait to hit $100k; I’m truly gonna be going beyond six figures. So I hope you jump on his course, his mentorship, because it works.”

Another BSF Ecommerce University student, Max, had said: “Justin’s definitely the top dog in the game. When I got into ecom, I struggled. I would pick random products, I had no sense of direction. Then I stumbled upon Justin’s group. I was super skeptical but after talking to some of the other students, I decided to join. Justin taught me a more methodical approach to choosing products. That, along with the algorithmic targeting for my ads was a game changer. I’m doing $1- to $2k a day now. He’s the real deal.”

BSF Ecom University

There’s more where that came from. Luke apparently crossed the 7-figure mark in his store. Kim did $100k in a single month. Davis did $34k in revenue in his first few months inside the program. Bhupal made close to $140k in his first year of being guided by Justin. And there’s plenty more screenshots from BeyondSixFigures Platinum Club private Facebook Group. Just take everything with a grain of salt because sometimes people will talk themselves up just so they can sell stuff back to the Group.

And there are some unhappy campers out there. The most valuable negative review I found was from a Reddit user who ponied up for Justin’s six-month mentorship. They basically told how the training has you pick 20 products and list ’em on a general store. Takes forever because you have to write these really long descriptions. Then Justin’s team looks over your products, your ads, your targeting, everything, and gives you the green light when they’re happy with what you’ve done. So how could you possibly lose, right?

Well, turns out, you can. Most of this person’s products ended up being completely saturated and stood no chance. Some of the other ones made a sale here or there, but as soon as they tried to scale, the wheels fell off. At the end of six months, not a single one of the 20 products that the experts themselves had signed off on had turned out to be profitable. After speaking with some of the other BSF members, this person discovered that even the people who were bragging about all the sales they were making were losing money or barely breaking even after ad spend.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.