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Million Dollar Year Review (Dow Janes)


Laurie Ann and Britt founded Dow Janes (I see what you did there) to help women get control of their money. Since the financial industry was built by men, for men, Dow Janes was designed to be the opposite: fun, feminine, empowering; they believe that women with money have more choices and louder voices. “We’re on a mission to build the financial confidence of women+ around the world,” they said. Are these ladies legit? What are they selling? How much does it cost? Read on for my Million Dollar Year review.

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Laurie Ann is the CEO of Dow Janes. She calls herself an energy healer and empowerment coach. Once she mastered money, she paid off $60k worth of debt and built a million dollar business. Britt is the COO. She graduated from Harvard Business School, believe it or not. She says she’s been investing since she was eight years old and likes to keep things playful and easy to understand. Stephanie is their financial coach and Craig is their investment advisor.

Okay so their team is legit. Great brand. Excellent positioning. You’re seeing their ads all over Facebook. They’re telling you to sign up for their free masterclass on investing. What’s the catch, right? Ultimately, they want to sell you their transformational coaching program called Million Dollar Year. The year-long experience will help you build the skills and habits to “spend thoughtfully, save systematically, and invest confidently.”

What all do you get? The Curriculum: step by step tutorials and resources to budget, save, invest, and multiply your money. Financial Coaching: real-time mentoring, support, and feedback via their private Facebook group and live weekly Q&A calls. Community and Accountability: a friendly, non-judgy community of women all working together to achieve similar financial goals. Mindset: rewrite your money story, reframe how you think about it, and become the person you want to be.


How much does The Million Dollar Year cost? It’s a one-time fee of $1,999 or 12 monthly payments of $199. You’re protected by a “double your investment money back guarantee.” If, after one year, you can prove you did the work and didn’t save at least twice what you paid for the program, you can get a refund. Which I think is fair, but also, not great for you. What if, three weeks after you join, your car unexpectedly breaks down and you need that two grand to get it fixed? Sucks to have to wait a full year and submit all kinds of “course homework” just to get your money back.

The only other downside I noticed is that, other than the live weekly calls, you don’t get any direct access to Britt and Laurie Ann. And if you can’t attend the live Q&A calls because of work, kids, or other obligations, you’re out of luck. I get that they want to protect their time and build something that’s scalable, but some personal interaction with the people who sold you the program would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Other than that, do I think you could budget, save, and/or invest your way to a positive ROI on Million Dollar Year? I do. Now if you’d like to supplement that with extra money coming in each month, be sure to take a closer look at what we do before you go. It’s simple, affordable, low risk, not very competitive, you can work anywhere, there’s no selling, and it feels amazing because you get to help out local businesses. Full details on the next page.

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