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Simplify To Multiply Review (Tim Yewchuk)


Tim Yewchuk says, if you own a service business and you’re still spinning your tires, working seventy plus hours a week, doing ten dollar tasks, you’re putting your income, your family, your team members, and your clients at serious risk. Tim would know. Over the last couple of years, he’s been able to help over four hundred service business owners scale up by systematizing themselves out of the daily operations using a method called The Perfect Week. Read on for my Simplify To Multiple review.

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“Rewind back to 2012,” Tim says, “and I was your cliche overwhelmed entrepreneur in my own fifty plus person equipment service business located in Edmonton, Alberta. Now at the time we had just crossed the ten million dollar threshold, which by all accounts was a good problem. But this also happened to coincide with us starting our family. And while I didn’t mind the long hours and hard work, what I did mind was the fact that it wasn’t optional. And if I wasn’t physically present in the office, things would come to a grinding halt.”

Of course, to try and fix the problem, Tim did was most biz owners do: he bought the most popular coaching programs he could find online, read all the business books, and listened to all the podcasts. Sure, he drew some motivation here and there, got some good advice, learned a few things, but it wasn’t enough to turn things around. “Okay, cool, I need to document my processes, know my KPIs inside and out, get better at delegating key tasks. Got it. But how do I actually do those things?” he wondered.

Tim needed a complete blueprint that would help him execute. “So what I started doing was fairly unconventional,” he says. “I reached out to colleagues from Toyota and Google. We put our heads down for a few months and came up with a tangible system that I could plug my teams and my business into, that allowed me to run my business remotely, to the point where I now spend five to ten hours per week running my Edmonton-based business remotely, from my home office here in Vancouver Island.”

The Perfect Week Method

“And since then I’ve helped over four hundred other service-based business owners do the same, across industries which include real estate, equipment service, construction, property management, manufacturing, ecommerce, and digital agencies, to name a few. If you’re interested in learning the three steps required for any business owner to make this shift from operator to owner, I put together a no-cost training you can access right now by clicking the link below.” That was basically Tim’s Facebook ad.

Inside his Simplify To Multiply program, Tim teaches his Perfect Week framework. It’ll help you bridge the gap between theory (the stuff you know you need to be doing) and reality (aka actually doing it). There are three basic steps. First, create stability. Get outta the weeds and back into the driver’s seat. Second, drive growth and profitability. Tighten up your numbers and processes using simple systems, win back ten to twenty hours a week. Third, unlock true freedom. Find and hire your dream team.

“We also teach you how to create leads and clients on demand,” Tim adds. “So, now that you can actually fulfill on your obligations, now we show you how to put the pedal to the metal and get predictable, profitable leads on demand, [then] nurture them and convert them into paying clients. And so if you’re interested in doing a bit of a deeper dive on this transition, schedule a free strategy call with myself or my team.” No mention of how much Simplify To Multiply costs, but it’s clear to me Tim’s the real deal.

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