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Defi Crypto Alliance Review (Corey Geary)

Corey With Hulk

Corey Geary used to be the novation real estate guy but now he’s apparently a crypto expert.

Ah, the internet: where you can be whatever you want as long as you put it in your bio. And then change it tomorrow!   

That picture’s pretty telling. Corey’s a fanboy of deflated fake wrestlers who once pranced around a ring in spandex and boots… as well as PulseChain, the MLM of cryptocurrency. 

Man, this oughta be good.

Read on for my Defi Crypto Alliance review.

According to Corey, people just like you are making $10,000 to $100,000 a month in the crypto market:

  • Without any of the risk of currency trading
  • Without knowing much about crypto at all
  • Without investing much of their time
  • Without having to sell anything to anybody
  • And without having to start a business

How are they doing this?

By using a passive cryptocurrency income generation method Corey developed and mastered that made him a small fortune in just a few months’ time.

It works so well, with such low risk, that he pretty much walked away from his real estate biz.

In the video I’m watching, it looks like he’s in a teenager’s bedroom. Not what I picture when I hear “small fortune.”

Compared to his novation days, Corey now earns a lot more money in a fraction of the time without any stress.

His students are winning too.

  • Blair knew nothing about crypto, but now, thanks to Corey, he’s cash flowing $8k a month.
  • Jeremy’s using this method to pack away capital for long-term investments in real estate.
  • Tony added $7,200 per month to his portfolio without any tenants, toilets or trash.

It’s a real diverse group of people from all walks of life who’re profiting inside the Defi Crypto Alliance.

Crypto moves much faster than stocks or houses.

This is your chance to opt outta the work-until-you’re-70 plan.

Just don’t expect your advisor at Charles Schwab to steer you in this direction. They won’t recommend what they can’t profit from.

Tragic considering Corey shared an example of how you could turn $5,000 into $1 million in three years with crypto.

Corey Motorsport

But you gotta get in on it now. By the time uncle Harry’s talking about it on the golf course, it’s too late.

Massive upside comes from being early – and we’re still early.

Yeah, yeah, so how’s it work, Corey?

You’re basically a crypto matchmaker, he says. You help facilitate other people’s crypto trades in an automated process. When they make a trade, you get a commission.

Your involvement is purely passive, he adds. It’s not like you’re sitting behind the computer doing this all day.

Instead, you’re like a bank.

You park money (tokens) in what’s called a liquidity pool to help crypto transactions go through on smart contract platforms outside of centralized exchanges like Coinbase. And you’re rewarded with a return on that money.

You can withdrawal your money at any time.

But with this strategy, you don’t need to pick the right coin or time the market perfectly, which is nice.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions are generated each month through this process currently.

Corey expects the demand to rise as we enter a new bull market.

Very few know about this, he says, which is why it’s so lucrative.

Umm, oh-kaaay…

So why tell everyone? Why not make a billion dollars with it and ride off into the sunset?

Something smells fishy here.

Not to mention, this is unregulated and I imagine you could lose all the money (tokens) you put into these liquidity pools.

Defi Crypto Alliance is a forceful no for me, regardless of cost.

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