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Partner With Anthony Review (Anthony Morrison)

Anthony Morrison PWA

Anthony Morrison promotes a new business opportunity every week it seems. This week it’s Partner With Anthony (PWA). I just watched his YouTube ad for it. Smart angle. “Selling on Amazon is hard; affiliate marketing, which you’d be doing if you partner with him, is not.” And who wouldn’t want to partner with a mega millionaire such as him? Scroll down for my Partner With Anthony review.

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Affiliate marketing is nothing new and Anthony doesn’t pretend that it is. The concept is simple. You refer customers to other businesses in exchange for a commission. It’s appealing because it’s so hands-off. Leave the creating, branding, billing, support, hiring, firing, and so much more to the owner. You just focus on traffic. Which makes it lifestyle- and beginner-friendly.

So what should you promote? Digital products like courses and software are ideal because the cost of goods sold is so low. Vendors can afford to pay you more without shortchanging themselves. Anthony is one such vendor. Inside Partner With Anthony, he’ll not only teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, but incentivize you to go ahead and send him more sales. Didn’t see that one coming.

If it sounds a little MLM-y, that’s because it is. Nothing drives me batty like a pay-me-to-come-work-for-me-and-maybe-get-rich-but-probably-not-probably-lose-even-more-money offer. Reminds me of Jono Armstrong’s Ministry Of Freedom course, which I already ripped to shreds. It’s like these guys have no conscience whatsoever. “Let’s see, how can I make the most money possible off these idiots? Oh I know! I’ll sell them a course on selling my course. And then, because I’m such a slimeball, I’ll say whatever I have to say to convince them it’s all for their benefit!”


Partner With Anthony costs $97 one time or $7 a month to join. Affordable, right? Wrong. Upon enrolling, you’re presented with 15 other courses and countless tools and software you’re encouraged to buy. “But don’t worry,” Anthony will say, turning on the Southern charm, his Scammer- (oops I meant Self-) Made chain glistening over his fitted tee. “When someone buys Partner With Anthony through your affiliate link, you’ll also get commissions on any of these back-end products they buy.”

So go ahead and make a bigger donation to the Morrison Fund. He and his equally sociopathic brother Adrian are in the market for a new exotic. “Relax, you’ll make it back,” Anthony promises. But when you don’t, it’s your fault. You didn’t want it bad enough. Perhaps the ad he runs next week promoting a different one-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be more your style.

The only thing I’d pay the Morrison brothers for is to never target me in an ad ever again. As far as I’m concerned, PWA is multilevel marketing with some lipstick and eyeliner. The only one getting rich is Anthony. The one or two or five percent who are making some money with it are likely talented, hard-working, consistent internet marketers who would be successful no matter what they promoted. And so, if that wasn’t abundantly clear, I would not recommend “partnering” with Anthony.

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