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Legendary Marketer Review (David Sharpe)


Dave Sharpe believes our system is broken. We were lied to. Told to be good little boys and girls, go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job, put money away for retirement, and everything will be okay. The forty-forty plan. Work forty hours a week for forty years then live happily ever after, right? But the majority of people right now only have, call it, seven or eight grand to their name come retirement. What gives? Scroll down to continue this Legendary Marketer review.

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Statistics also show the average person has less than a thousand dollars in their bank account. College is leaving young adults tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. If they’re lucky they’ll get a job that allows them to pay for the interest on that debt. David Sharpe dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Became a teenage father. Was homeless for a while. In 2008, he developed a drug addiction. Got clean. Slept on his dad’s couch.

Did back-breaking construction work for a couple years. Finally realized he didn’t want to be digging ditches and jackhammering cement for the rest of his life. So he tried his hand at entrepreneurship. Discovered internet marketing. In seven years or so, he went from completely broke to living the life of his dreams. The mansion, the cars, world travel, helping out his folks, giving back, the whole shebang. All this and he’s just your everyday guy.

Doesn’t matter what your past is or where you live or how smart you are, David says. All that matters is you learn how to leverage the world wide web. WiFi millionaires are popping up left and right. What if you could copy one of them? No, this has nothing to do with Shopify or Amazon. It’s not some bitcoin ponzi scheme. You won’t have to pitch pills, potions, and lotions to your friends and family. Or spam social media for twelve hours a day.


Agency this, consultant that. Gimme a break, says Dave. Those things require a lot of skill and experience in order to be successful. But there is one business model that has stood the test of time. It’s newbie-friendly. Are you ready for it? It’s marketing valuable, high ticket products and services that actually help people. You want margins so big, you can live well off of just one or two sales a month. Dave calls it freelance digital marketing.

To help you hit the ground running, Dave created the Online Business Builder Challenge. In fifteen days, you’ll learn the exact formula for starting and growing your own freelance digital marketing business. If everything goes well, you could even make your first high ticket sale. At the end of the challenge, Dave will let you apply to sell his high ticket products through Legendary Marketer. He’ll even let you use his done-for-you emails, marketing funnels, and sales team.

These assets, systems, and strategies are responsible for over two hundred million in sales for Dave and his partners. Dave will coach you and hold your hand every step of the way. You’ll learn how to create multiple streams of income and get paid two, three, even four times or more per customer. You’ll learn how to drive free and paid traffic. Looky-loos, tire kickers, and excuse makers need not apply. The Business Builder Challenge and bonuses cost just seven bucks. The Legendary Marketer products cost substantially more.

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