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Modern Millionaires Review (Chance And Abdul)

Lead Flipping Modern Millionaire

Chance Anthony Welton, in a YouTube ad for Modern Millionaires, says flipping leads is where the real money’s at. He and his partner, Abdul Samad, teach this inside their program. They show you how to setup online billboard ads on Facebook, Google, and Instagram; get leads for cheap; sell ’em to small businesses at a markup; keep the difference. Hence, lead flipping.

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A lot of people think Modern Millionaires is a scam. It’s not. You’re learning a set of skills you can use to launch your own officeless agency, as they like to call it. The price is $8,000. They do not offer refunds. So if you wanted to make the argument that it’s a ripoff, that I could understand. But still. Even that’s subjective.

My only complaint is their marketing. While their methods work, Abdul and Chance make it seem much faster and easier than it really is. Worse, they imply getting in and making tens of thousands of dollars a month is common. I assure you, it is not. Less hype and more transparency would be nice.

If you can get past the cost and exaggerated claims, what you’re left with is a viable business opportunity. Ask yourself: could I run on ad on Facebook and get people with knee pain to call a chiropractor? Yes. Might there be one chiropractor out there who would pay for those leads? Yes. And if you could get them for $2 and sell them for $6, well, you’ve got yourself a nice little income stream now don’t you? Just five leads a day would net you $600 per month.

Based on my experience, an example like that is certainly realistic. And while the much sexier multi-thousand-dollar-per-month deals Chance and Abdul reference in their ads also exist, they’re the exception not the rule. I wouldn’t go in expecting to land $5k per month clients is all I’m saying.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with stacking smaller wins on top of one another. For instance, 10 clients at $600 per month (take-home) would be life-changing for most. And again, I do believe numbers like that are within reach, even for the average person. Assuming the Modern Millionaires have proven ways for you to close clients, that is.

Abdul Samad Chance Welton

Which, come to think of it, I’ve never heard them talk about how you’ll actually get business owners to pay you. Have you? That’s kind of an important detail, no? Last thing I’d want to do is invest $8k and then have them tell me to pick up the phone and start cold calling. Hopefully they’ve got something better than that in their training. I’m sure they do.

From there, the only other thing that could go wrong is you might struggle to keep your lead cost down. There are countless courses on how to run Facebook ads, how to start and scale your agency, etc. The top ones, like Modern Millionaire, have already enrolled thousands of students. Each month, they add hundreds more. Meaning, millions of marketers are all vying for the same precious clicks. As you can imagine, this drives up ad costs. The more time that passes, the harder it’ll be to protect your profit.

We don’t have that problem. Like Chance and Abdul, we also flip leads, but instead of using paid ads, we rely on free traffic from Google. Specifically, we make small sites and rank them at the top of Google’s first page for the exact search terms people are already looking for each and every day. We then hand out samples, virtually, and let the business owner sell themself.

So it’s very similar to Modern Millionaires, but you have more control; less competition; a proven and convenient way to close deals; you pocket more from each deal; we charge a fraction of what they do; offer a money-back guarantee; and we don’t stretch the truth in our marketing. Click below. You’ll see.

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