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Arturo Johnson Consulting Review (AUM Program)

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Arturo J. Johnson has a question for you. As a life insurance agent, how do you overcome low volume, low quality leads? The first thing is, you need to realize you’re using an old model. Cold calling, door knocking, begging for referrals, praying for repeat business, and so on. It’s time you flip to the new model, Arturo says. Become a specialist and not a generalist. Stop saying and doing the same things as every other agent. My Arturo Johnson Consulting review is below.

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What you need, Arturo explains, is a predictable process to generate qualified appointments on demand. From there, you need a rinse and repeat system to take a stranger and turn them into a paying client. And that’s exactly what Arturo and his team have created. Too good to be true? Maybe. But then again, maybe not. Arturo’s AUM Training Program will end “dial day” for financial advisors and life insurance agents for good. It brings you clients ready to buy right now.

Imagine qualified prospects booking themselves into your calendar without you having to lift a finger. No more cold calling, being ignored, and leaving voicemails that just get deleted. What you chase runs away, right? The AUM way is about repositioning yourself from being a salesperson to being a trusted advisor. “When you use what we have, people are looking for you, they want to come to you, they actually want to talk to you. They’re ready to go,” Arturo’s partner, Earl Hall, says.

The process takes less than a week to set up. From there, it’s a well-oiled machine. If you’re a life insurance agent who’s spending five hundred, a thousand bucks a week on leads? You’re wasting your money and your time. Not only that, but when you outsource your lead generation, you’re losing control and data. You have little say in where they get those leads from or the messaging they use. And they keep all the valuable information on each prospect.


Even if it works, you’re a slave to that lead source forever. Not a smart way to build your business. You want to take back control. You want to learn the best platforms to get leads from. Facebook and LinkedIn, for example. You want to understand and be able to tweak the copywriting, the positioning you use in your ads. As well as the imagery and videos. Everything should be personalized to you. You determine what you’ll pay per lead and how many you want and how fast.

“One of the biggest downfalls to accepting something [leads] from someone else as opposed to you doing it yourself,” Earl continues, “is that you’re spending hours on the phone. And you’re not talking to qualified people who are ready to buy. Our whole goal with the AUM Training Program is to connect you with the people that literally want to buy now. You need to cut your marketing budget by a third and still generate more revenue than you are right now.”

Yes, you can do this virtually. You can close these deals over the phone. Nobody even wants to meet in person these days because of the pandemic. This allows you to work quicker, make more money, and protect more families. AUM members will get the platforms, the targeting, the landing pages, the questionnaires, everything you need to tie everything together seamlessly. This is the straightest path you can take to get to where you’re trying to go. Soon you’ll be spending a hundred percent of your time closing deals. Cost was not mentioned.

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