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Castor Abbott Review (Mark Ford)


Mark Ford is the founder of Castor Abbott, a company that helps financial advisors and firms grow and scale their businesses. They teach a Trust Stacking system which can be the difference between having a million dollar cash flow business in one to two years or spending twenty years slaving away just to eke out an average lifestyle. Truth is, this game has nothing to do with being the best advisor or wealth manager. The market can’t even tell who’s good and who’s bad.

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Also, it’s not where you live, the population density around you, how big your network is, how nice your office is, or where you went to school. It’s not about how good of a public speaker you are. Or how many people follow you on Facebook. The big question here is, in a world of financial services, what really moves the needle? What actually matters when it comes to growing your business? Trust-based marketing, Mark says.

Not only that but a business model that communicates the client’s interest comes first, and there’s no big risk for signing up. But there’s a problem. Not all business models or marketing strategies are equal. In fact, there is a wide gap between a five figure strategy and a seven to eight figure one. Chances are, right now, you can’t tell the difference. Good news is, if you’re competent, patient, and hardworking, Castor Abbott can set you straight.

They’re looking for their next eight advisors who want to multiple six to seven figures to their gross sales in the next year and a half. All while working less, profiting more, and working with dream clients who stick around long-term. In the last few years Castor Abbott has worked with over seven hundred clients and firms. They’ve added over a billion dollars to their clients’ books. They’ve created six different seven figure advisors in under two years. And taken hundreds more to six figures.

Who Is Castor Abbott

You’re not going to win in this industry by knocking on doors or waiting for referrals to walk in. Taking prospects out to steak dinners isn’t scalable. And hoping the world will go back to normal isn’t useful. That said, a big opportunity has risen from the ashes. Because most financial advisors are unwilling to adapt. They’ll go out of business, retire early, sell their book, or change careers altogether. How do you swoop in and capitalize on all of this?

First, change your pricing model. Clients are sick and tired of being gouged. Second, offer more value. Clients want financial advice during major life events and as their wealth and level of investment knowledge increases. Third, you have to provide simple, personalized, connected solutions instead of individual products and services. Castor Abbott can assist with all of the above. Their process works like this. In the next thirty days, they’ll help you attract one great-fit client per week.

The second thing they’ll do is optimize your business model and processes for maximum value to the market and profitability for you. The third component is adding scale; building a real business that doesn’t rely on you doing all the work. Trust Stacking will be a recurring theme throughout. Another review said the cost to work with Castor Abbott was eight grand. You’ll have to book a call to confirm that. My only concern would be what happens when there’s five other financial advisors in your city already enrolled in Castor Abbott, using their strategies?

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